A July wrap-up {in pretty pictures}.

Goodbye July. I was this close to writing June there. Seriously, where did July go?! I guess that's what happens when you spend every spare minute of the month working. I've been tackling a lot of freelance design work lately. But I did get a chance to cross a few things off of my summer to-do list. Check it:
Sit Stand on a dock on a lake.
✓ Drink a Bud Light Lime.
✓ Wear the maxi dress I bought weeks ago.
✓ Go to an outdoor movie.
✓ Go to an outdoor art fair.
✓ Eat more popsicles snow cones.

Alright, so I didn't get that much accomplished. But I'm giving myself until the end of September to finish this list. So we'll see... Some other things I did this month included:
Celebrating the birthday of the two most youthful 99 year old twin sisters I know.

Getting to see my beautiful cousin Katelyn. 

My dad picked up this camera at Goodwill for $3.15. No joke. I plan on trying it out tonight - provided I get some design work done first. When did I turn into such a workaholic?

Speaking of becoming a workaholic, I swear to you all that I wish I could blog more. I'm just not one to want to wear myself out. When I can, I like having some downtime. Not that I'm making excuses. I just wanted you to know that these little monthly wrap-ups may or may not {I'll try for not} be the most you see of me in the future. See you in September.

{images via : my instragram}

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