pretty wishin' {summer to-do edition}

I know, it's already July! But I always feel that, in order to truly enjoy summer it needs to be packed full of things to do. No weekend wasted. There are so many things that, when you live in snowy Wisconsin, you can't do just any time of the year. That said, here are the summery things I've done this summer:

Gone fishin'.
Gone boatin'.
Swam in the lake.
Swam in a pool.
Ventured a bit into a forest.
Sat on a dock. – Although it was just on a pond in my aunt and uncle's backyard... that doesn't quite seem to count, does it?
Paddle boated.
Had a cookout with the family.
Read a book outside.
Took pictures of fields and flowers.
Got a sunburn.
Went to a parade.
Went to a baseball game. – My brother's.
Sat around a few campfires.
Ate s'mores.
Ate a popsicle.
Got ice cream at the new ice cream shop in town. – More times than I'd care to admit.
Discovered a new {rather seedy} little bar. Where I:
    Had my first shot of whiskey, and
    Learned how to play the stomp fiddle. – No joke.
Got caught in the rain. – And my mom and I sang Harden My Heart as we walked {rather quickly} home. We had just seen Rock of Ages in theaters. We amuse ourselves.

Now, for the wishin' portion of this post. Here are the things I still need to do this summer:

✓ Sit on a dock on a lake.
Fish off said dock.
✓ Go to an outdoor concert. – I will be doing this come time for the fair. But I envy the people who seem to go to outdoor concerts and music festivals all summer long.
✓ Eat fair food. (Corn dogs, cheese curds, mini-donuts, ice cream, and much more – check!)
✓ Drink a Bud Light Lime.
Go to a Brewers baseball game.
Discover a new used book store. – And by "new" I mean one I've never been to before. In case that was confusing.
Visit a large museum.
✓ Wear the maxi dress I bought weeks ago.
✓ Go to an outdoor movie. – Luckily this should be getting crossed off the list in a few days!
✓ Go to an outdoor art fair. – Luckily this should be getting crossed off the list this weekend!
✓ Take more walks.
Go on more bike rides.
Eat more popsicles.
Stay at an RV resort. – A summer tradition we always save until the end of summer.
Write a postcard.
Finish my summer reading list.
Go to a bonfire on a beach. – This one will not happen for me. I do not live anywhere near the beach. However, when I think of summer I picture a group of teenagers having a bonfire on the beach, like in the movies or on Laguna Beach. I think it needs to be added to my bucket list.

That should keep me busy until the end of the summer, but if you can think of anything I should add, let me know!

{images via : my instagram & my mom's instragram}


  1. BUD LIGHT LIME!!! Bahahaha. Jen and I do this EVERY Summer, so I had to shout that out. ♥ Your lists are amazing! The paddle boating sounds so fun, it's something I'd love to do!

  2. I love the photo of the Dandelion! :) What kind of camera do you use?

    1. Thank you! I took that picture with my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S.

  3. Love your "still to do" list, I have one too for the fall. Here in the deep south the heat an humidity are so bad in summer we just sit on the veranda with a hand fan and drink gallons of lemonade. I'm not kidding, this really does happen in the south; being from Chicago I though this was just a classic movie myth. The fall is our best season for festivals, weekend getaways, and camping. Have a great end of Summer!
    Lori D.

    1. This comment made my day, because that is exactly how I picture the south to be. Glad to know it's true!

      Personally, fall is my favorite time of year. I will have a fall to-do list for sure!


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