pretty wishin' {apartment edition} pt. 1

It's official. I just got the text from my soon-to-be roommate that she's making the down-payment on our apartment! After the initial excitement wore off, I obviously got to thinking about decorating. I think the graphic design world is closely related to the interior design world. That is, I like to think of myself as something of an expert in interior design.*


My taste in decor is constantly changing, which is absolutely fine with me. Because there is one thing in my decorating style that doesn't change. I love eclectic. To me a room that doesn't quite match; a mix of classic contemporary, modern, retro, art-deco, traditional, girly, uptown, all of which I've fallen for at one point or another, feels lived in. I've recently discovered the Swedish Style, which I think pretty much sums up my sense of style.

So, let's move on to a piece of my apartment wish list.

This hanging bed. – Would this bed actually swing when you first lay on it? 'Cause I get pretty severe motion-sickness, which means this bed could be a disaster when I'm drunk. I don't care. This bed looks awesome.

A classic white sofa. – I understand that white sofas aren't the most practical when it comes to keeping them clean. But this is my dream wish list, and in my mind white sofas aren't meant to be practical. They're meant to be adorned with many {and by "many" I mean a sofa-full} of colorful, printed pillows.

Colorful printed pillows. – A sofa-full of them. Note my making "sofa-full" a new form of measurement.

A white, ruffled bed spread. – In much the same way the white sofa of my dreams is meant to be adorned with pillows, I've had a white bed spread for years... adorned with a sofa-full of pillows. My new form of measurement doesn't always work. I'm ready to up the ante with ruffles. I like ruffles.

patterned accent chair. – This one's a little crazy and I like.

An ottoman in a pop of color.

This boldly striped rug.

Elephant lamp. – ELEPHANT LAMP!

A cool bookshelf.

Marquee light decor. – In an "S" for sure.

If anyone's feeling so inclined to get me a house warming gift, that elephant lamp is $395.00. That'd be totally cool with me.

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  1. Green <3 Striped rug <3 How very pretty! I love dreaming of interior design - we keep saying we're gonna re-do our living space... Which wouldn't be THAT hard, it's only 86 square feet, but money is holding us back a bit. Soon! Soon!


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