pretty read'n {summer edition}

Hi dears. No Wednesday wish list today because... I got nothing. Lets just say, I've been supporting the economy lately. I just made a big Sephora purchase; a haul, if you will {I've been watching a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube lately. I think you knew that already}. I'm starting to cross things off this list. And this past weekend I bought a few summer dresses including a striped, belted dress that reminded me a bit of this one, and an {almost} cobalt blue maxi dress.

So, I'm kind of set right now. I can hold off on wishing for things, which I will especially be thankful for once my credit card bill comes. It won't need to be any bigger.

I also picked up a couple of books this weekend, which led me to want to share with you all my summer reading list:

Entwined by Heather Dixon – I picked this up this weekend and immediately started reading it. I don't mean immediately, there in the store. I mean when I got home. Anyway, this book is based off the Grimm fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Now, there is something you need to know about me. I grew up mildly obsessed with this fairy tale. I used to dream about the three forests; one forest of silver, one of gold, and one of diamonds. Magical. This book is proving to be fun... I wish I were reading it right now. Wish list!

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver – I finished Pandemonium the other day. And all I can say is CLIFFHANGER. Like, are you kidding me? But, since its followup, Requiem isn't coming out until 2013, I will definitely make due with reading Oliver's debut novel.

Sarah Dessen's This Lullaby, Dreamland, and That Summer. – There's something so summery about Dessen. I read three of her books last summer and have been holding onto these three since then. I was determined to wait until summer to read these. Something seems right about that.

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer – I love this movie. It's time I give this book a try.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett – Another movie I love. Reading Entwined especially makes me want to break this book out. Note, I also bought The Secret Garden. Let the summer reading begin!

That should get me through the summer. Unless you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear. You can also find me on Goodreads!

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  1. Oh Into The Wild.... An amazingly soul crushing book. Beautiful, but should be required reading for every teenager contemplating running away from home hah

  2. Oh, I think Into The Wild was great! I read the book after watching the movie. Krauker delves more into what would make someone want to abandon society and strike off alone than on what Christopher did while he was away. Basically the movie focuses on the where and what and the book more on the why. Both were really good, but I identified much more with the book.

  3. Before I Fall was ... interesting.

  4. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors! I can't wait until her next book is released in May 2013.


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