pretty pics {May week 3}

Hey, hey, it's time for Photo A Day! A week. Photos of the week, 'cause that's how roll. May 13th through the 19th.

5/13/12: mom.

5/14/12: grass.

5/15/12: love.

5/16/12: what you're reading. Although I believe I finished this later that day. Currently reading Entwined.

5/17/12: snack. I don't think I actually ate this apple. It was simply a prop in what we in the art biz call a "still life".

5/18/12: something you made. Sooo, when I started this Photo A Day Challenge, I knew it would be just that... a challenge. Sure enough, half way through the month and I start slacking. I missed this one. And can you believe it? Because I make things for a living! C'est la vie.

5/19/12: a favorite place. A magical land.

{images via : my instagram}

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  1. that grass photo with the sun shining is almost magic. :)


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