pretty pics {May week 2}

Let's dive right into this post, shall we? Here's May's Photo A Day – May 7th through the 12th.

5/7/12: someone that inspires you. Don't actually know who this Victoria's Secret model is, but her body is sure inspiring me. Thinspiration. I hate that word. Anyway...

5/8/12: a smell you adore. I played around with this one, taking pictures of coffee beans, grass, cinnamon ... it started raining later that day and I ended up going with rain. I like smells. A lots a smells.

5/9/12: something you do everyday. Shouldn't that be every day? Every as in "each", not everyday as in something that's common? An everyday occurrence, I guess. It said "everyday" on my list. Anyhoo, I drink coffee every day. COFFEE. Coffeecoffeecoffee. I could use some right now.

5/10/12: a favorite word. Bliss. Fawning... huh, that's nice too.

5/11/12: kitchen.

5/12/12: something that makes you happy. Balloooooooons! As a bonus, these randomly brightly colored truck trailer storage unit things also make me happy. They're these neon pops color in the middle of nowhere. Awesomeness.

{images via : my instagram}


  1. the "bonus" picture is so cute! what a lovely bunch of storage units to happen upon :)

  2. beautiful photographs! and seriously those are truck trailer storage? so cool! :)


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