pretty pics {May week 1}

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. So I finally decided to try the Photo Of The Day challenge. Instead of blogging my POTD's daily {'cause let's face it, blogging daily is just too much pressure for me} I'll be sharing my daily photos once a week. If you really want to see my pics daily, feel free to follow me on Instagram {@prettymuchart}. Here are my May's Photo A Day from May 1st through the 6th:

5/1/12: peace. Ok, so I cheated on this one. I actually took this picture last weekend, but it screamed "peaceful" to me. Screamed peaceful? Oxymoron? Anyway...

5/2/12: skyline. I saw so many opportunities to take a sweet skyline picture that day, but I just didn't have time to stop and snap a pic until the end of the day... in my backyard.

5/3/12: something you wore today. I wore my Madden Girl pumps to work that day.

5/4/12: fun! First of all, I thought my new neon nails were super fun. Plus, my dad surprised me with a pair of shoes he bought for me that day! Also, Madden Girl, they are a pair of nude wedges. How crazy cool is my dad? He said he had the 20-something sales girl help him. Which is super sweet and not creeper-ish at all, because trust me he just loves to make me happy.

5/5/12: bird. I got this painting off a street artist for like $10 in New York City. I kind of love those cute little chicks.

5/6/12: you.

{images via : my instagram}

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