pretty wishin' {spring clothing edition}

Spring is a time for renewal, so it's no surprise that I always choose this time of year to want to revamp my wardrobe. Here are some of my wardrobe wishes for Spring/Summer 2012.

White jeans. – When exactly is the appropriate time to wear white? Can it be before Memorial Day? Who cares? I'm ready for white.

A cobalt blue dress. – I don't know where this wish came from exactly. I was just thinking about the ways I want to amp up my wardrobe for summer and "I really want a blue dress" popped into my head. Plus I love comfy maxi dresses in warmish weather. P.S. I've never boughten anything from this site before {actually I'm leery about buying clothing online} but it has some really reasonable prices.

Patterned/colorful blouses. – The couple of flowy blouses that I own are perfect for this time of year. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for more, especially in the bold color/fun pattern variety.

Gold jewelry. – I own very little gold jewelry. I'm more of a silver girl, but lately gold has been growing on me {not literally... that would be cool}.

Nude wedges. – I've never found a pair of wedges that really fit me right, but I've been hearing more and more that a good fitting platform wedge can be super comfortable. Plus, have I ever mentioned that I'm only 5'2"? I could use that extra boost! And, as usual, nude shoes go with just about everything... and make your legs look even longer.

What are you looking for in spring/summer apparel? I'd love to hear!

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