a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week...

A grapefruit soda recipe. – Umm, yum! I love grapefruit in the summer {and really only in the summer}. So refreshing!

Neon shoes DIY. – I'm loving pops of neon on footwear. Of course, it takes a much craftier person than myself to realize that you can make these amazing neon shoes yourself. Using nail-polish no less!

DIY nail stickers. – Another fun neon DIY. I've always wanted to try nail strips {or at least since last week's weekly wrap-up} and this is kind a "oh, duh! I could do that!" way of making them yourself. Weekend project!

Photography by Jonathan Marsh. – How pretty are these pictures?

Diet Coke brownies. – I must try these! After the cupcakes are gone, that is.

"Water drop lenses" photography by Light❖'s. – Marco-marvelous.

I've finally found the meaning of life! – And have mastered it, by the way.

This is a TRUE Titanic love story. – Wow. Such love.

Lastly, the most beautiful Barbie I've ever seen.

Have a great weekend!


  1. such great links! where do you find all these great things to share with us time and time again? :)

  2. beautiful pictures! i just found your blog! its so pretty! new follower!

    xo Kelly




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