{pretty} anxious

My favorite part of my brother's new apartment is the view of the cat in the window next door. I'm kind of a dork like that.

This past weekend I helped my younger brother paint his new apartment. His first "real" apartment, not one of the "Oh, what a lovely shade of beer-stain carpet" college hole-in-the-walls. It didn't make me jealous per se... it made me feel anxious.

The college I went to was an hour away from home. I came home most weekends, and after graduation I moved back home. I got a job in the same small town and have been living at home ever since. At 26 I'm finally ready accept the fact that "home" should actually be called "my parents house". Don't get me wrong, I love living with my parents. I'm comfortable, and completely myself when I'm there. But I'm getting anxious to move on.

One of my best friends lives in a suburb of Madison {Wisconsin – for those of you who didn't know which state I live in}. She's recently decided to move back into the city, or at least closer to it. She started scouting two bedroom apartments this week. Two bedrooms, as in one bedroom for herself and one for me.

I debated writing this post lest one of my co-workers come across it {I'm not yet ready to tell them I'm leaving}. But that fact is, I'm moving to Madison in August with or without a job. The thought slightly terrifies me, but I can't wait anymore. I can't wait.

That said, if anyone knows of anyone looking to hire a graphic designer in the Madison area, please let me know!

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