{pretty} anxious

My favorite part of my brother's new apartment is the view of the cat in the window next door. I'm kind of a dork like that.

This past weekend I helped my younger brother paint his new apartment. His first "real" apartment, not one of the "Oh, what a lovely shade of beer-stain carpet" college hole-in-the-walls. It didn't make me jealous per se... it made me feel anxious.

The college I went to was an hour away from home. I came home most weekends, and after graduation I moved back home. I got a job in the same small town and have been living at home ever since. At 26 I'm finally ready accept the fact that "home" should actually be called "my parents house". Don't get me wrong, I love living with my parents. I'm comfortable, and completely myself when I'm there. But I'm getting anxious to move on.

One of my best friends lives in a suburb of Madison {Wisconsin – for those of you who didn't know which state I live in}. She's recently decided to move back into the city, or at least closer to it. She started scouting two bedroom apartments this week. Two bedrooms, as in one bedroom for herself and one for me.

I debated writing this post lest one of my co-workers come across it {I'm not yet ready to tell them I'm leaving}. But that fact is, I'm moving to Madison in August with or without a job. The thought slightly terrifies me, but I can't wait anymore. I can't wait.

That said, if anyone knows of anyone looking to hire a graphic designer in the Madison area, please let me know!

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pretty wishin' {spring clothing edition}

Spring is a time for renewal, so it's no surprise that I always choose this time of year to want to revamp my wardrobe. Here are some of my wardrobe wishes for Spring/Summer 2012.

White jeans. – When exactly is the appropriate time to wear white? Can it be before Memorial Day? Who cares? I'm ready for white.

A cobalt blue dress. – I don't know where this wish came from exactly. I was just thinking about the ways I want to amp up my wardrobe for summer and "I really want a blue dress" popped into my head. Plus I love comfy maxi dresses in warmish weather. P.S. I've never boughten anything from this site before {actually I'm leery about buying clothing online} but it has some really reasonable prices.

Patterned/colorful blouses. – The couple of flowy blouses that I own are perfect for this time of year. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for more, especially in the bold color/fun pattern variety.

Gold jewelry. – I own very little gold jewelry. I'm more of a silver girl, but lately gold has been growing on me {not literally... that would be cool}.

Nude wedges. – I've never found a pair of wedges that really fit me right, but I've been hearing more and more that a good fitting platform wedge can be super comfortable. Plus, have I ever mentioned that I'm only 5'2"? I could use that extra boost! And, as usual, nude shoes go with just about everything... and make your legs look even longer.

What are you looking for in spring/summer apparel? I'd love to hear!


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

DIY mini envelopes made from magazines. – I don't know what I'd use these for, but ahh! Cute!

These shoes. – I don't know what I'd wear these with, but ahh! Fun!

No Bake Raspberry-Lemon Cheesecake. – I have no words.

A wavy hair tutorial from Sydney. – Gorgeous right?

I neeeed these! – I know with the shoes already. But, I've been seeing these shoes everywhere. And I neeeeed them!

Painted peony "wallpaper". – That's right. Painted. How talented is Katie?

The Tupac hologram performance at Coachella. – Freaking amazing.

Speaking of Coachella, here's The 60 Coachella-est Coachella Photos That Ever Coachella'd. – I'm going to Coachella someday! And I'm making it my personal mission to be the craziest looking mofo there. Bring it. I'm talkin to you, lady in the feathered bra guy in the penguin suite  guy in the dog hat  couple dressed like it's the 1920's... aw, forget it.


this {pretty} weekend

This weekend I became a pirate... at my four year old cousin's birthday party. Dressed in knee-high leather boots, a distressed jean jacket, and kid's pirate hat, one little boy came up to me and said, "Wow! You're a real pirate!" Thanks, kid.

This weekend I re-connected with old friends... finally seeing my best friend after 4 months. After the hugs and the multiple exclaims of "I missed you!", I remembered why it is she is {and always will be} my best friend.

That night, I went out with a different group of friends, some of whom I haven't seen in at least a year. Ahh friends, it was good to see you. On a side note,  have I mentioned that you never quite get used to the sight of seeing your little brother doing shots at the bar? Because you don't.

This weekend I did my favorite thing... reading on book in my parent's backyard on a lovely day, followed by laying in the grass with my cat. We lay under the clothesline, because the smell of grass and freshly-washed sheets drying on the line is what I imagine heaven to smell like. We watch the sheets flap in the breeze and squint at the sun filtering through the newly budding tree branches. And it is perfection.

{images via : my instagram}


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week...

A grapefruit soda recipe. – Umm, yum! I love grapefruit in the summer {and really only in the summer}. So refreshing!

Neon shoes DIY. – I'm loving pops of neon on footwear. Of course, it takes a much craftier person than myself to realize that you can make these amazing neon shoes yourself. Using nail-polish no less!

DIY nail stickers. – Another fun neon DIY. I've always wanted to try nail strips {or at least since last week's weekly wrap-up} and this is kind a "oh, duh! I could do that!" way of making them yourself. Weekend project!

Photography by Jonathan Marsh. – How pretty are these pictures?

Diet Coke brownies. – I must try these! After the cupcakes are gone, that is.

"Water drop lenses" photography by Light❖'s. – Marco-marvelous.

I've finally found the meaning of life! – And have mastered it, by the way.

This is a TRUE Titanic love story. – Wow. Such love.

Lastly, the most beautiful Barbie I've ever seen.

Have a great weekend!


pretty weekend {chillin'}

Friends, lately I've been at a loss for what to blog about. So now that I've become addicted to joined Instagram, you'll probably be seeing many more pictures of my super fascinating life.

Other than going to church and over-indulging on candy, my family doesn't do much to celebrate Easter. My weekend was spent mostly making cupcakes and catching cat-naps. Days spent solely sleeping and eating really appeal to me. In fact, this picture pretty perfectly describes my life as of late. How was your weekend?


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week... {I'm feeling crafty}
These DIY fabric peonies. – Perfect for spring weddings and gift embellishments.

An Easter egg DIY. – These are just the prettiest Easter eggs I ever did see.

Rainbow striped nails. – How cool?? P.S. This website was translated from French, so that's why the blogger sounds little cray – I'm sure she's not actually a "self-respecting big ball".

This gumball iPhone case. – is adorable. Of course, if I had an iPhone, I'd probably get this Tangled case.

This bracelet. – I'm a little obsessed with string bracelets for summer.

Lastly, tips and tricks to breaking in heels. – Good to know!

Have you discovered anything interesting lately? I wanna know about it!


instagram {prettiness}

If you're an Android user, like myself, you undoubtedly know that Instagram for Android launched yesterday! If you'd like to some see pretty pictures {mostly of my cats, I'm sure} and follow the spectacular happenings of my totally awesome everyday life {and why wouldn't you?} you can follow me, @prettymuchart, here.

Or, just click the link:


pretty April {already}

Oh, hey April. How you doin'? For those of you who need a little April inspiration, {like me, apparently. Where did March go?! I only had five shamrock shakes!} here's a pretty background to spruce up your desktop. Hope you like it, lovelies!

2560 x 1440   •   1920 x 1280   •  1680 x 1050   •  1600 x 1200   •  1280 x 800   •  ipad   •  iphone

{via : Pretty {much} Art}
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