a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This adorable elephant pot. – Have I ever told you how much I love elephants? This rustic elephant plant holder is just cute as can be.

This green velvet cupcakes recipe. – Would a green velvet cupcake, shamrock shake, green beer combo make me sick this St. Patrick's Day?

The Roost blog. – Speaking of food, Roost's beautiful photos and organic recipes are making me drool.

DIY wrapped hair comb. – Aren't these combs like 25 cents or something? I'm not sure my fine hair would stay in a style like that, but this inexpensive and insanely simple DIY is worth trying.

Adorable Easter cards. – If you sent me a card for Easter, I'd probably think it a little strange. But a cute card from QuillandFox would be understandable.

DIY jewelry box. – I've seen DIYs of secret storage books like this before. I'm pretty sure people keep money and flasks in them. But I like how the jewelry is just spilling out of this one, making for a pretty display.

Most of the Sh*t {Insert Type of Person Here} Say videos are funny, but my favorite so far are the Sh*t Fashion Girls Say parodies. I'm not a fashion girl, but I say "should I get bangs?" at least once a day.

Lastly, on the subject of Joseph Kony and the Kony 2012 campaign. If you haven't already seen the video, please do so. Educate yourself, sign the pledge if you feel so inclined, but do your research before you donate money. Most importantly, remember how lucky we all are to have simply been born where we were. We have the power to do anything or be anyone we want to be. Some people never have that choice.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. hahaha. the "shit fashion girls" is sooo funny. It is totally one of my girlfriends. I die every time!


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