pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty awkward}
This weekend I went bowling with a bunch of high school cheerleaders.... I got asked if I was one. I said "No, but I was when I was in high school," and I thought, "Eight years ago! Do I tell her I'm 26??"

So, the next day when I told someone else that I'm 26, he said he thought I looked like I was in junior high. What? I'll take high school cheerlead over that!

This weekend I went bowling. I hate bowling. Do you want to know how much I dislike bowling? I got a 55.

Having to tell my coworkers my bowling score when they asked on Monday.

I was interviewed for a documentary type video for a choir that I'm in. The camera, I kid you not, was a foot in front of my face and the videographer wanted me to look up at him. He was standing, I was sitting. I swear that entire interview is going to be a nice view up my nostrils.

This weekend I went roller skating with my mom and 4 of her sisters. No, that part was really pretty awesome. I'm sure I just looked awkward. My aunts can skate circles around me.

It was awkward when we ended up in the emergency room after one of my aunts fell on her skates... but I wouldn't want to embarrass her by mentioning that. ;)

{pretty awesome}
My youthful appearance?

Remember when I said I got a 55 bowling score? Someone else I was with got a 49. I beat someone!

Getting to meet my newborn cousin, Katelyn.

The Gilmore Girls. I'm sure I've mentioned the power of Gilmore Girls before on this little blog of mine, but let me just emphasize its awesomeness. I was feeling a bit of the winter blues on Friday. So, I went to bed early and when I got up on Saturday I popped in a G.G. DVD and, 4 episodes later, I felt like my happy self again. That show never fails to make me feel better.

I also watched Tangled this weekend.

It RAINED yesterday. Not snow, but rain entirely in its liquid form. It hasn't rained since fall, and I watched as it washed away the snow of winter. Spring, I'm ready to greet you like an old friend.

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  1. Oh, the Girlmore Girls definitely have that affect on people. They rock. And come on spring! We're all ready now!


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