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So, you may have noticed my recent blogging hiatus. I haven't even been reading blogs lately. Here's a short list of things I've been doing instead (incase you're interested):

Got a hair cut.
Got sick.
Updated my portfolio.
Started looking for jobs in Madison.
Reported for jury duty. (Before you cringe, it was actually facinating. Being a part of our judicial system; hearing the evidence, deliberating, deciding on a verdict, was honestly a rewarding experience.)
Went to a magic show.
Went to Hunger Games. (It was awesome, no?)
Read reviews on what other people thought of Hunger Games. ('Cause I'm a dork like that.)
Found The Hunger Games Things tumblr. (Slightly spoilery for those of your who haven't read the books.)
Started teaching myself how to play guitar. (Thank you Youtube!)
Started reading a lot more.
Started going for walks/bike rides around town.
Started playing tennis in the evenings.
Got addicted to crack. Cracked! I mean cracked.com. It's crazy interesting. (Huh, maybe I should have read this before jury duty.)

So, in part, that's what I've been up to. I hope to get back to your somewhat regularly scheduled blog posts someday. For now I'm just having fun doing some other things. What have you all been up to?

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pretty {peachy} pins

How about a little eye candy for breakfast? You guys, I don't know what happened this weekend. Yes, I was excited for warmer weather, but I was excited for spring! Mother Nature seemed to skip spring and spring right into summer. It was hot out.

I needed spring to refresh and renew. I needed winter to melt away gradually, giving me time to reflect. Winter just vanished. Not that I'm not grateful for gorgeous weather, I'm just hoping Mother N. will sneak in a few more refreshingly chilly days to breath deeply in, before the suffocating summer humidity strikes. Before we overripe.

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pretty swallows {for spring}

You know what I've noticed lately? The birds are back! Nothing quite says "spring" like the singing of swallows. I'm not sure if swallows sing. They might be one of those birds that just chirps annoyingly. Really, it won't be long before the bird chirping begins to irk me. I'm not a big fan of birds... unless they're pretty. Shop our swallows {and all of our other pretty birds} here.

{via : Pretty {much} Art}


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This adorable elephant pot. – Have I ever told you how much I love elephants? This rustic elephant plant holder is just cute as can be.

This green velvet cupcakes recipe. – Would a green velvet cupcake, shamrock shake, green beer combo make me sick this St. Patrick's Day?

The Roost blog. – Speaking of food, Roost's beautiful photos and organic recipes are making me drool.

DIY wrapped hair comb. – Aren't these combs like 25 cents or something? I'm not sure my fine hair would stay in a style like that, but this inexpensive and insanely simple DIY is worth trying.

Adorable Easter cards. – If you sent me a card for Easter, I'd probably think it a little strange. But a cute card from QuillandFox would be understandable.

DIY jewelry box. – I've seen DIYs of secret storage books like this before. I'm pretty sure people keep money and flasks in them. But I like how the jewelry is just spilling out of this one, making for a pretty display.

Most of the Sh*t {Insert Type of Person Here} Say videos are funny, but my favorite so far are the Sh*t Fashion Girls Say parodies. I'm not a fashion girl, but I say "should I get bangs?" at least once a day.

Lastly, on the subject of Joseph Kony and the Kony 2012 campaign. If you haven't already seen the video, please do so. Educate yourself, sign the pledge if you feel so inclined, but do your research before you donate money. Most importantly, remember how lucky we all are to have simply been born where we were. We have the power to do anything or be anyone we want to be. Some people never have that choice.

Have a great weekend!


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty awkward}
This weekend I went bowling with a bunch of high school cheerleaders.... I got asked if I was one. I said "No, but I was when I was in high school," and I thought, "Eight years ago! Do I tell her I'm 26??"

So, the next day when I told someone else that I'm 26, he said he thought I looked like I was in junior high. What? I'll take high school cheerlead over that!

This weekend I went bowling. I hate bowling. Do you want to know how much I dislike bowling? I got a 55.

Having to tell my coworkers my bowling score when they asked on Monday.

I was interviewed for a documentary type video for a choir that I'm in. The camera, I kid you not, was a foot in front of my face and the videographer wanted me to look up at him. He was standing, I was sitting. I swear that entire interview is going to be a nice view up my nostrils.

This weekend I went roller skating with my mom and 4 of her sisters. No, that part was really pretty awesome. I'm sure I just looked awkward. My aunts can skate circles around me.

It was awkward when we ended up in the emergency room after one of my aunts fell on her skates... but I wouldn't want to embarrass her by mentioning that. ;)

{pretty awesome}
My youthful appearance?

Remember when I said I got a 55 bowling score? Someone else I was with got a 49. I beat someone!

Getting to meet my newborn cousin, Katelyn.

The Gilmore Girls. I'm sure I've mentioned the power of Gilmore Girls before on this little blog of mine, but let me just emphasize its awesomeness. I was feeling a bit of the winter blues on Friday. So, I went to bed early and when I got up on Saturday I popped in a G.G. DVD and, 4 episodes later, I felt like my happy self again. That show never fails to make me feel better.

I also watched Tangled this weekend.

It RAINED yesterday. Not snow, but rain entirely in its liquid form. It hasn't rained since fall, and I watched as it washed away the snow of winter. Spring, I'm ready to greet you like an old friend.


pretty pins {into the wild}

This time of year, I always get bitten by the travel bug. Yesterday felt very springlike, and with the first signs of spring I unfailingly seek a change in scenery. I realize just how much I'm over winter and begin to long for something new. I don't think I'm ready for the beach quite yet... I'll have all summer for that. No, now I'm aching for something fresh and utterly unfamiliar. Cozied up in a cabin sheltered by mountains, or listening to the babble of a fast melting river.

I've never been to the mountains before. I think they look quite nice.

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pretty {boys}

Tumblr Tuesday
I just wanted to say that I'm officially obsessed with Tumblr. Um... I don't think it's hard to see why.

{images via : prettymuchart.tumblr.com}


pretty {cousin} Katelyn

Friends, this weekend a miracle occurred. I got to meet an angel. I'm pretty sure that's what she is, anyway... my ten day old cousin, Katelyn. She's a tiny bundle of sugar and spice and everything nice. And, right now, she is probably the most perfect a person can be.

I made this little slideshow of her using pictures my mom took when she was just a day old. Welcome to the world, Katelyn Jean. How wonderful life is, now you're in the world.

{song via : Ellie Goulding "Your Song", images via : my mom}


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

These abstract cloud walls. – I had clouds painted on my ceiling when I was a kid... I'm dying to try this pretty grown up version.

Make your own chalkboard paint. – I want to try this too!

How to make cake pops. – I want to try making these too!

This strawberry trifle animated gif. – Just pretty all around.

Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards. – No, I did't delete my Pinterest account. Still, this is an interesting read from a legal perspective.

Lastly, Oh, Awkward Kristen. – Watch the chick in the background. Hilarious!

And, timelines have come to Facebook fan pages. Be sure to check out Pretty {much} Art's re-vamped facebook page! Have a great weekend, all.


pretty {much} March

I think I'm going to like March. March marks the beginning of spring. Or at least a glimpse of it. And this March we have the release of The Hunger Games! But the thing I really like about March? Two words... shamrock shakes. Download and enjoy this desktop calendar {designed by yours truly} and celebrate the month that is spring, 4 leaf clovers, and In Nomine Patri, Et Fili, Et Spiritus Sancti {or, the month I always watch The Boondock Saints}.

2560 x 1440   •   1920 x 1280   •  1680 x 1050   •  1600 x 1200   •  1280 x 800   •  ipad   •  iphone

{via : Pretty {much} Art}
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