a pretty {tumblr} Tuesday

I hate Tumblr. Tumblr makes it nearly impossible to find the original source to anything. How many damn Tumblr pages do I have to click {or scroll for hours} through to find that the "original source" was actually stolen from We Heart It... which was taken from a Tumblr page, and so on? Not to mention, they are a total time-suck. Get me on a good Tumblr page and I could scroll through that thing for days. Until I click on one of their posts, taking me to another Tumblr page where the time-sucking continues.

So. I started a Tumblr. Because, the internet wasn't sucking up enough of my time. And, it is reassuring to find people who like the same weird stuff I do.

But let's get to the real reason I jumped on the Tumblr wagon...

Animated gifs of Gaspard Ulliel. It's like he's looking right into my soul. Follow me, here.

{images via : prettymuchart.tumblr.com – try to find the original sources. Just try. I dare you.}

P.S. For those of you really interested in finding the original sources for these images {good for you!}, I find the "search by image" feature on Google really works. If you don't know how to use this feature, the tutorial can be found here.

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