pretty pins {and pink roses}

Here are some random Pinterest pretties to beautify your day. How was your Valentine's Day? Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Singles Awareness Day. But, I did get some pretty pink roses from my dad, leaving me to quote Frenchy from Grease, "the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy." Not really. And, I'm not sure where that came from... I haven't seen that movie in years. Anyhoo, whether you  spent the day with a lover, or just a loved one {or hell, just yourself, watching Glee in your sweatpants while eating the entire bag of conversation hearts you got from your mom... yep, sounds about right}, I hope you had a great one. BTW, that first picture? Who wants to move there with me?

{via : Pinterest 1, 2, & 3I Am Project}

P.S. The winner of the My Memories Digital Software giveaway {chosen through random.org} is... #5, Jenna! Congrats Jenna, I'll be contacting you soon.


  1. i would live there now if i could. so cute, it doesnt look real .

  2. that rose crown is beautiful! why don't people wear such things in real life....?!


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