pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
So, I thought I found a sweet parking spot outside of the store the other day. I park there only to realize that I'm entirely too close to the car next to me. I made the decision to stay parked there and try to squeeze through the 10 inch gap between my car and the one next to me. I suck in my stomach, contort my body and manage to make it though the gap... all while 3 people are staring at me.

Falling asleep on the couch at my friend's boyfriend's brother's house. It was my first time really meeting said boyfriend. Do you think falling asleep an hour into the movie we were watching made a good impression?

Accidentally setting off the emergency alarm at McDonadls. Not only did I try to go through the wrong door, I then couldn't find the door I was supposed to go out of. So I walked around the entire building like an idiot, after having drawn as much attention to myself as possible.

Breaking four, yes four, plastic hangers while clothes shopping. I'm like the incredible hulk when it comes to hangers. Keep your plastic hangers away from me!

My motherly instinct kicked in yesterday when I saw a baby bump her head. I picked her up and carried her around doing that baby talk thing until she stopped crying. I guess it was awesome, only in my mind I kept thinking, "Whaaat? Where did this come from??"

{pretty} awesome
Shamrock shakes are back at McDonalds!

The truffle mac at Noodles.

Getting conversation hearts from my mom.

Getting flowers from my dad. P.S. For those of you who read yesterday's post, Grease was on TV last night! Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Buying a sweater... for $1.19. Tax included. It was at a resale shop and it was 75% off.

Having a three hour long breakfast/chat session with my best friend. We talked about anything and everything as breakfast turned into lunch. And it was a great feeling.

Bon Iver winning Best New Artist at the Grammys and Justin Vernon giving a shout out to Eau Claire Wisconsin in his acceptance speech, yo! It's probably safe to say that that's the first time a city in Wisconsin has been "thanked" at the Grammys. Awesome.

Share your own awkward and awesome's in the comments!

{image {and recipe!!} via : babble}


  1. haha greens my favorite color! this looks yummmmmyyy xo

  2. LOL, the story about you setting off the alarm at McDonalds made me laugh so hard! I would be so embarrassed and then try to play it off cool and just look totally awkward. Hahaha!

    I actually don't care anything for McD's and haven't been in years... however, I've heard really good things about this shamrock shake. People always get so excited about it! What flavor is it?

    Also, three hour chat/breakfast session sounds like the perfect way to start off the day <3

    Hope everything is going well with you, dear.


    1. It's a vanilla shake, but with mint! And there's whip cream and a cherry on top! You should try one!

      I get excited about Shamrock Shakes! :)

  3. Aww @ getting your dad floweres. That was really thoughtful.


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