pretty {me} pt. 2

I wear glasses... when I'm in my home. Rarely in public.

I eat Nerds candies one Nerd at a time.

I'm left handed.

In my 8th grade yearbook it was predicted that I'd become a cheerleader when I grew up.

I was cheerleading captain in high school (am I predictable or what?)

I was voted "Most Spirited" in my high school yearbook.

My favorite movie quote is, "Paging Mr. Herman. Mr. Herman, you have a telephone call at the front desk."

I hate the word "tasty". Also, "slacks" is a weird word. And, if you're obsessed with Gilmore Girls as much as I am, you'll have already known that.

I love brushing my hair. I keep a hairbrush in my purse and use it multiple times a day. The messy hair look is so not for me.

I always introduce myself as Stephanie, but I like it when people who hardly know me call me Steph. I always notice when someone calls me Steph for the first time.

Currently reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson.


  1. Glasses are so awesome. <3 I love them!!! Also, I don't hate tasty but I do hate slacks... I don't like some words that end with s. Only some. It's... weird.

    Also, I introduce myself as Angela but I highly prefer when someone calls me Angie!!!

    1. Thanks Angie! I'm glad you love glasses... I'm just a little self-conscious about them!

  2. Well, hey there, Steph! Hope you are having a pretty awesome day! ;)

  3. Hey there! ♥ I wear glasses, too when I'm at home. And just sometimes in public. I hated the way I look w/ glasses. ;)


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