pretty {february} friends

Hey you! Do you have a blog you'd like to advertise on Pretty {much} Art? While P{m}A isn't currently accepting paid sponsorship, all of those ads on the right are from sweethearts who've swapped with me. Now, it's your turn! If you're interested in swapping ads for the month of February, please email me or leave a comment {providing your email address} below.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been looking through the blogs I follow for some people who might want to swap ads/buttons as well. I'd love to put one of yours on the sidebar of my blog. If you look, you'll see I only have one up so far! Feel free to email me if you're interested in trading, I have one of mine available on my page right now. And I'm not sure if you've checked out my blog before, but here it is:


    angelascreativethings (@) gmail (.) com

    Thanks! Angela

  2. I would LOVE to swap with you! I am just getting started adding buttons to my art blog, and I think your blog would be the perfect fit! My email is kate {at} sketchandwash {dot} com.


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