pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty awkward}
Watching a woman breast-feed a monkey on Human Planet. Yep.

Driving up to the drive-up at the bank, only to realize that my car window has frozen shut. Panic strikes. There isn't enough room between my car and the wall to open my car door and explain to the teller what's happening! So I continue to drive through with, what I think, is an apologetic look on my face. I get inside the bank, still feeling flustered, thinking I'll be able to tell the teller what went wrong, but I can't find her. She will forever wonder what that strange girl was doing... driving through the drive-up... just staring at her.

When I drop off deliveries at the Co-op I always go inside, grab a cart, take it outside, load it up with the delivery and bring it back inside. Only this time... I went in, grabbed a cart, and the guy behind the check-out looks at me a bit strangely and says, "Have a nice day." As I'm taking an empty shopping-cart. Did he think I was homeless and was just going to let me take his cart? If so, I guess that was nice of him.

My year-end review at work. It went something like; The Boss: "You still happy with working here?" Me: "Yep". It's never a big deal, but it's always awkward.

Crying during the movie War Horse in a theatre full of people. I take comfort in knowing that I certainly wasn't the only one.

{pretty awesome}
Miss Wisconsin is now Miss America! Represent.

The customer at work {an older man} who told me I was "all spiffed up" and "look'n good". Normally, I would be embarrassed by such a statement, putting it in the "awkward" category, but this time it was just funny and sweet.

The Golden Globes officially kicks off awards season! It's my favorite season after autumn.

Apple pie made with my mom's home-made crust.

Actually going to the movies with my grandma. We always say we're going to go to the movies, but we never do. We went to War Horse. We both cried.

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  1. Oh girl, I'm so sorry 'bout some of those awkwards, haha. Especially the first. ;) That had to just be disturbing!!! What's wrong with a bottle?! And I think it's adorbs what that older guy said to you. I don't like flirts, or people who hit on me, no matter who they are (well, except my wife and some of our close friends!) However, I do love when people are just generally nice!!!


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