pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty awkward}
Driving around a lumber mill trying to find where I'm supposed to drop off a delivery for work. I drove all the way around this building twice before seeing the word office {written in marker} on the side of the building. I'm sure the mill workers got a good laugh at my expense.

Then having to unload five large and very heavy boxes in front of about six lumber mill workers, none of whom offered to help me. They just stood there watching. Chivalry is dead, I tell you!

Seeing my aunt dance on a bar stool. Not awkward so much as bizarre.

That same night, seeing my brother sing Sweet Caroline at the top of his lungs while swaying with said aunt, my mom, myself, and a couple of other girls. Alright, that was more awesome than awkward. I need to go to the bar with the family more often.

{pretty awesome}
Spending quality time with best friends. This includes a homemade pizza making session that could have turned into an episode of My Drunk Kitchen. Pseudo-italian accents were involved.

Painting my nails a fun new color while watching The Bachelor. 'Cause I'm a girl. No shame!

Also, The Vampire Dairies is back! And they kissed! And if you watch that show, you're undoubtedly as excited about that as I am! And if you don't watch that show, um, you should be! just ignore me. I'm a geek.

The sunset on my way home from work. That's right. On my way home from work. The days are getting longer, people. And it might just be because it's been so long since I've actually seen a sunset, but they've been exceptionally stunning lately.

The full moon the other night. It almost caused an accident – I couldn't stop staring at it as I was driving. It was huge. And golden. And sometimes nature is just awesome.

The above picture cracks me up every time I see it. Every single time!

{image via : Pinterest}


  1. I love that pic. XD And oh my gosh, YES. That full moon WAS amazing! <3 I loved how big, beautiful and yellow IT WAS. Going to the bar with your family sounds oh so fun. ^_^


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