a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week – the holiday edition:

These free, downloadable holiday knit gift tags. – The closest I'll get to the whole "holiday sweater" thing. Or so I think.

DIY cupcake bath bombs. – If I were to give this as a gift {a great idea BTW} I'd be sure to make real cupcakes to give with them. Absolutely no disappointment that way!

This glitter bow DIY. – A DIY gift wrap idea that I can actually do myself? This looks to easy to be true.

This DIY mini wreath wrapping. – A DIY gift wrap that I'd just make a mess of, but it's pretty, nonetheless.

These Christmas light nails. – Way cute! And way too time-consuming for me. Adorbs though.

On a non-holiday related note, The Dark Knight Rises trailer was released this week. – And it looks chillingly good... thanks in large part to the fact that Christian Bale's Batman voice isn't heard in it.

Also, this is my Christmas card to you this year. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!


  1. I love the glitter bow! Happy holiday to you, Stephanie!

  2. Just found your blog and i love it :) Super cute. And idea #4 is adorable. Totally wish I found it sooner! - Cassie


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