a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This still from the 2012 movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby surfaced this week. – And my God, do you see how gorgeous Leo looks? It reminds me 6th grade/Titanic era Leonardo {be still my heart!}. This movie will be perfection.

Cute felt ball garland. – A DIY for you DIYers.

These shoes. – I literally gasped when I saw them. And, you can use them as mirrors to check your lipstick! 'Cause that wouldn't be awkward, when you're sitting at your desk, or walking down the street, or driving...

Kitten Covers! – Puurfect... I had to. {found via : Milk}

Pom Pom scarf. – At one point I would have thought scarves with pom poms on them were for eccentric, older ladies. The ones who wear red and purple together. You know who I'm talking about? But this one is just pretty. {found via : coco+kelley}.

This is what Emma Watson's younger brother looks like? – And he's officially legal 18? Booyah! Just kidding. Really tho. He is pretty.

This pretty dress. – Needs to be mine.

The Rock of Ages movie trailer was released this week. – Have I every fully expressed my love for ROA on my blog? Best. Musical. Evers.

Discover anything interesting lately? Let me know!

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  1. My heart just skipped a beat!! I am so excited to see this movie!! I can't wait another minute!

    PS. we’ve moved! I hope you’ll come visit our new home :)



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