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Some things you probably didn't know about me...
Barns and Noble is my favorite store.

When I go into Barns and Noble, I head straight to the YA section.

I'm currently reading The Book Thief. I'm only admitting that because it's a book about Nazi Germany and not about vampires or princesses... Um, I'm also reading this, and this.

When I sign my name, I save my middle initial for last.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the word literally wrong, like "that literally scared the crap out of me." Eeeew. However, it's only when people don't know that they're using the word literally wrong, that bothers me. At least use it ironically, like I do. Or just say it {literally} all the time. Like Rachel Zoe.

I don't usually tell people I have a blog, because I'm worried they'll judge me as being self-absorbed.

I like blogging because I'm really shy in real life, and never open up to people I don't know well.

I'm 26 and am living at home with my parents. And I only find that weird when other people find that wired.

I have a hard time spelling "wired". I love to write, but I hate to spell.

I hate cutting my nails.

I always count down backwards in my head when microwaving something. Actually, I count down backwards in my head for a lot of random things; how long I think it'll take for the light to turn green, how long I think it'll take for my computer to boot up... basically anytime I'm waiting for something.

Sometimes I think I have a slight case of OCD.

This little list of random things you didn't know about me will probably become a {somewhat} regular feature on my blog. I want to be able to open up to people more. And I want to make this blog more of a documentation of my life. Not that that makes me self-absorbed.

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  1. I enjoyed reading that! I think it's great that you are trying to open up more. It's been an issue for me, too.

    And I agree! This should be a somewhat regular feature! Looking forward to future posts! :)


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