pretty awesome {Thursday}

I couldn't come up with awkward things that happened to me this past week. I know. I suck. Or maybe it was just a good week. Anyway, here are some pretty awesome things...

{pretty} awesome
Spending some time, however brief, with one of my besties this past weekend.

Florence + The Machine radio on Pandora.

Eating at Noodles & Co. twice in the past two weeks. Magical.

Candy canes.

Candy canes on my coffee. "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

How my world turned into a winter wonderland this past weekend.

The 12 foot snowman seen on my way to work. And the gigantic cardboard top hat that's atop his head. I salute the ambitious people who made him. And I hope to God he doesn't come to life like in that freaky song, 'cause I feel like we'd be in some trouble.

My pretty fur babies posing for the camera. Sorry to go all "proud momma" on you now that I have a good camera on my phone. But there you go.

And, this freaking cute video, that I cannot. stop. watching. "We love pink, and we like the fluffy dresses!"

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