a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Happy 11/11/11! Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

Sevenly tees. – A new t-shirt is introduced every week, and for every shirt purchased $7 is donated to that week's charity. I particularly like the design of this week's shirt, where the donations are going to War Child {protecting the rights of children in a war-torn community of Northern Uganda.}

These DIY chalkboard gift tags. – Perfect for Christmas presents!

Customizable fortune cookie necklace. –  This would make a great gift... for someone to give me. 'Cause I kinda want one.

This Kissing Checklist. – Not gonna lie, I want to check off this entire list. But then again, I am a hopeless romantic.

Adorable fawn make-up! – Who would have thought a deer costume could be so cute? Do you think I could pull this off for Christmas as a reindeer kind of thing?

Tell Her You Saw Me, online shop. – So many pretties! Found via Lovely Clusters.

Cool, eclectic shelves.

Arthur recreates scenes from classic movies. – Some. Parents. Are. Awesome.

Discover anything interesting this week? Have a super weekend, and If you're in Madison, WI this Sunday, stop by and see us at The Crafty Fair


  1. this would totally work for reindeer make-up! such a cute idea :)

  2. Okay... I so need that fortune cookie necklace, I so need to recreate that fawn make-up and I <3 kissing checklists!!!

  3. Great post. The shelves are cool, but I'm really coveting that hanging chair!! Definitely going on my must buy list... (complete with the sheepskin!)

    I really like the fortune cookie necklace, too.

  4. this is such a great post! im so happy to have stumbled upon your blog :0) nice to meet you stephanie xo



  5. LOVE that fortune cookie necklace!

    P.S Head on over to my blog...you may be the winner of the latest giveaway ;)

  6. I just LOVE the fortune cookie necklace! I featured it on my blog today!


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