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It's been a while since I've done a "currently crazy about" post, so for those of you interested in my latest obsessions, here's a mash-up of things I'm loving this fall.

Ponchos. Seriously. And big, oversized sweaters. Cozy things I can wrap around myself, blanket-like, in. The great thing about leggings and jeggings being in style, is that you can pair them with massive sweaters and still feel feminine... and completely comfy.

Chevron necklaces. I know chevron is pretty popular right now, but I'm digging this trend in a more subtle way; in pretty geometric necklace form.

Knee high {or higher} socks. Preferably knitted and warm. And I'm loving the look of socks peeking out above boots. Cozy and cute. By the way, the characters of Clueless were pretty much my idols growing up, so thigh highs paired with shorts skirts will forever be in fashion as far as I'm concerned.

P.S. No calendar download {as of yet} this month, 'cause well, I'm lazy. Also, for those of you wondering what I was for Halloween, be sure to check in for tomorrow's awesome and awkwardness – the Halloween edition, as it's turning out.

{via : Pinterest, necklaces via : prairie oats, Gather Jewelry, & AMiRA jewelry}


  1. Target has adorable and comfy thigh highs in all different colors for one hek of a good price! I bought 3 different pairs and have been rocking them with my boots almost every other day, despite the still not cold Florida weather!


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