pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
My two best friends and I babysitting. I'm pretty sure we're all older than our moms were when they had us, but the three of us are so not mommy material right now. "I gotta change a poop diaper?!" "Distract him!" "Ok, it's crying. It's crying." It was sitcom type comical.

Eating lunch with four guys at work, talking about deer hunting. Just because I'm from central Wisconsin, doesn't mean I hunt. I DON'T hunt. And I don't need to hear about the best way to kill an animal while I'm trying to eat, thank you. Don't worry, we later changed the subject... to how to stop a person from bleeding to death. Uhggg. Pleasant.

Totes swerving my vehicle while driving in the snow/slush yesterday. Then thinking, "man, I hope no one saw that" only to see that someone did, indeed, see that. Yes, I am the idiot who can't drive as soon as the first snowfall hits.

Having that "This is the song that never ends..." song stuck in my head for an hour yesterday.

The CHRISTMAS SONG I heard on the radio last Saturday!

{pretty} awesome
Seeing my two best friends this weekend; awkward babysitting troubles and all.

Buying a Halloween costume for next year at 90% off! I'm telling ya, get your costumes now my friends.

Seeing the old men from the VFW hanging up American flags all over town for Veteran's Day. They were smiling and laughing, and in that moment I felt proud to be in small-town America.

They have coffee filters at Kwik Trip. That's probably not so awesome to you {I doubt you even know what Kwik Trip is} but I was pretty excited.

Seeing my old high school represent at the state volleyball tournament this weekend. They didn't win their final match, but to see my school be the state runner-up was cool. Plus, my brother and I looked pretty badass. Kind of. Right?

As evident in the picture above, I basically dressed like a pirate two weekends in a row now. Awesome!


  1. I did the SAME thing for my Halloween costume haha. I told my bestie to start having Halloween parties a week after the actual date so we can get discounts on the attire :)

    Love your list!

  2. This is the second Awesome and Awkward Thursday I've stumbled across. Your stories sound entertaining and relatable! If I shared anything for "awkward," it would definitely include my boyfriend. :) Or my grandmother (she's a hoarder...and a "character"). Also, congrats on your old high school's team! That's great news. The high school I used to go to was always big into sports, so attending games in Des Moines (and dressing up like a crazed fan) was always lots of fun.


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