pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

Most of my awesome and awkward adventures are Halloween related this week, because I've discovered something this past weekend; Halloween is awkward and awesome. And there is no way for it to be just one or the other.

{pretty} awkward
Going back to my alma mater to party for Halloween. I thought I could pretend I was still in college, but I found that I'm definitely too old for that shizz. Feeling old is awkward.

Watching Buddy the Elf {and I mean he looked JUST like him} sandwiched between a slutty devil {girl} and a construction worker {guy}, grinding at the club. I was like, "BUDDY! NOOOOO!"

The drunk-slutty-pirate-girl who decided to sit with us at the pizza place because we were all dressed as pirates {this was unplanned, BTW. Pirates were huge this year}. It went down like this. Drunk-slutty-pirate-girl: "Heeeeey! You are alll pirates! I'm a pirate toooo! Imma sit here and we'll be best friends toniiiight!!" Followed by awkward silence from the rest of us.

The little boys {yes, boys plural} who were dressed up as cheerleaders for trick-or-treating. Wait. No, that was pretty awesome. I just didn't understand it.

{pretty} awesome
Doing the DIY bloody nails I showed you last week for Halloween. Being a bad blogger, I didn't take pictures, but trust, they looked freaking cool! I just wish I didn't have to wait another year to do them again.

Catching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on TV without knowing it was going to be on.

Leftover Halloween candy.


The UPS delivery guy greeting me by my first name. I've only signed for him a couple of times, so it made me think he's just a really considerate person.

Someone asking me if I have any kids. It was awkward when I shouted, "WHAT? NO!" in shock. But, it's awesome that some people think I look older than 18 {I'm assuming}.

I'm sure more awkward and awesome things happened to me this past week because, you guys, Halloween is just... bizarre. Like, people dressed up as slutty monkeys and slutty garbage cans and crap. It's insane in the membrane! So, if I think of more things, I'll be sure to share. Got any awkward and awesomeness of your own to share?


  1. I can't imagine partying what so ever. I am SO not a partier, haha. Also, creepy about the slutty pirate girl! :o

    And as I said on Twitter, yay for the cheerleader boys! ^_^

    Also, that UPS deliverer sounds nice! I LOVE when people remember me by name. Our local Wal-Mart door greeter is like that, he's older and SO sweet. We've actually given him rave reviews with the manager of the store!

  2. the buddy the elf makes me so sad!!! buddy the elf (even a costume one!) should just be nice!

    my ups man is very very nice too!


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