free shipping is {pretty} nifty

Hi friends! I hope your holiday weekend was fantastic. I just wanted to remind you all that today is the last day for FREE SHIPPING* in our shop. Just enter coupon code PMABlackFridayTreat upon checkout.

Everything in the Pretty {much} Art shop is between $8.00 and $24.00. With prices like those {and free shipping!} you can't go wrong! View our 2011 gift guide for some ideas as to who you can give some pretties to this holiday season. And don't forget, we have holiday cards available!

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pretty gifties {the 2011 quide}

Welcome, a Very Merry Indie Christmas readers! Without further ado, here's Pretty {much} Art's guide to giving handmade for the holidays!

{via : Pretty {much} Art, Pearenthetical Press & Poprocks Design}

And, now through Monday, November 28th Pretty {much} Art is offering FREE SHIPPING* with coupon code PMABlackFridayTreat.
* Open to domestic {USA} customers only.

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{pretty} blessed

How truly, incredibly, fortunate are we? I'm so thankful for all of the above... and much more. Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. Be sure to come back tomorrow for Pretty {much} Art's pretty holiday gift guide - including a little black Friday treat!

{image via : Pinterest}


{pretty} friends

Do you know the name of my favorite band? Learn it {and other random facts about me} over on brideblu's blog, here. It's part of brideblu's Sponsor Meet & Greet. Speaking of sponsors... see all of those {Pretty} Friends to the right? No?
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a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This print. – I like it.

Paint swatches wall art. – A DIY.

Dexter designs. – A poster for each season.

THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER. – I've decided Cinna will be my favorite. {image via}

Marcel the Shell is back! – You guuuuys! Remember him? And now there's a book?! I need it.

Lastly, I saw the Footloose remake this weekend {and actually liked it... don't judge}. Now, I'm sort of in love with this song {also a remake} from the movie.

Holding Out For A Hero - Ella Mae Bowen by Ella Mae Bowen on Grooveshark

What are you up to this weekend? Pretty {much} Art has two craft shows. Come see us, if you can!


I'm {pretty} thankful for...

Today, as part of the Give Thanks Link-Up Party I'm supposed to acknowledge what I'm thankful for. Turns out, this was a hard post for me to write. Not for lack of thankfulness, but because the list of things I'm thankful for is soooo long. Seriously, can't I just write a post about things that are bugging me right now, and we'll just assume that I'm thankful and grateful for everything else? That would be... I'm kinda hungry right now... um, Jake Gyllenhaal and I aren't engaged yet?

Since, I'm guessing that's not how this thankful thing is supposed to work, here's a little list of things I'm thankful for.

My family.
My best friends. {and, yes, we are always in that order when we take pictures}
My ol' cat is still kick'n.
My health.
My family's health.
My job.
My dreams.
My mac.
The brains in my head.
The feet in my shoes.
Successful craft shows.
Third Eye Blind released a new song today.
Good music.
Good movies.
Good books.
The freaking Packers.
Mmmm... apple juice.
Mmmm... coffee.
My mommy buying me the last Harry Potter movie on DVD this weekend.
People's Sexiest Man Alive issue comes out tomorrow.
This morning's sunrise...
... and my ability to see it.
All of you.
My general happiness.
My belief that God, or a higher power, has made all of the above possible.
What are you thankful for?
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pretty blocks {of art}

Hi friends! Just popping in to point out that Pretty {much} Art has a pretty, new product! Do you want to give unique, handmade art this holiday season, but are afraid you can't afford it? Well, now you can! Our brand new pretty art blocks are a very affordable way to share real artwork. Each piece is {per usual} designed and completely hand-drawn by yours truly. No "scrapbook paper art" here {not that there's anything wrong with scrapbook paper craftiness.}

While they're meant to be bought in sets {'cause come on, they look freaking cool hanging on a wall as a collection} they're cute gifts {under $10!} individually. Their price makes them perfect for secret santa gift exchanges, or for a little Pretty {much} Art for yourself. Hang 'em on a wall. Set 'em on a shelf. Put 'em in a box with a fox, or in a house with a mouse. I don't know. Paperweight? Doorstop? Weapon*? Whatever floats your boat! Buy them here!

* Not recommended.


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Happy 11/11/11! Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

Sevenly tees. – A new t-shirt is introduced every week, and for every shirt purchased $7 is donated to that week's charity. I particularly like the design of this week's shirt, where the donations are going to War Child {protecting the rights of children in a war-torn community of Northern Uganda.}

These DIY chalkboard gift tags. – Perfect for Christmas presents!

Customizable fortune cookie necklace. –  This would make a great gift... for someone to give me. 'Cause I kinda want one.

This Kissing Checklist. – Not gonna lie, I want to check off this entire list. But then again, I am a hopeless romantic.

Adorable fawn make-up! – Who would have thought a deer costume could be so cute? Do you think I could pull this off for Christmas as a reindeer kind of thing?

Tell Her You Saw Me, online shop. – So many pretties! Found via Lovely Clusters.

Cool, eclectic shelves.

Arthur recreates scenes from classic movies. – Some. Parents. Are. Awesome.

Discover anything interesting this week? Have a super weekend, and If you're in Madison, WI this Sunday, stop by and see us at The Crafty Fair


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
My two best friends and I babysitting. I'm pretty sure we're all older than our moms were when they had us, but the three of us are so not mommy material right now. "I gotta change a poop diaper?!" "Distract him!" "Ok, it's crying. It's crying." It was sitcom type comical.

Eating lunch with four guys at work, talking about deer hunting. Just because I'm from central Wisconsin, doesn't mean I hunt. I DON'T hunt. And I don't need to hear about the best way to kill an animal while I'm trying to eat, thank you. Don't worry, we later changed the subject... to how to stop a person from bleeding to death. Uhggg. Pleasant.

Totes swerving my vehicle while driving in the snow/slush yesterday. Then thinking, "man, I hope no one saw that" only to see that someone did, indeed, see that. Yes, I am the idiot who can't drive as soon as the first snowfall hits.

Having that "This is the song that never ends..." song stuck in my head for an hour yesterday.

The CHRISTMAS SONG I heard on the radio last Saturday!

{pretty} awesome
Seeing my two best friends this weekend; awkward babysitting troubles and all.

Buying a Halloween costume for next year at 90% off! I'm telling ya, get your costumes now my friends.

Seeing the old men from the VFW hanging up American flags all over town for Veteran's Day. They were smiling and laughing, and in that moment I felt proud to be in small-town America.

They have coffee filters at Kwik Trip. That's probably not so awesome to you {I doubt you even know what Kwik Trip is} but I was pretty excited.

Seeing my old high school represent at the state volleyball tournament this weekend. They didn't win their final match, but to see my school be the state runner-up was cool. Plus, my brother and I looked pretty badass. Kind of. Right?

As evident in the picture above, I basically dressed like a pirate two weekends in a row now. Awesome!


he's just {soooo} pretty

Sometimes I think I write blog posts based on what I think others want to read on my blog. And sometimes that's ok. But ultimately, this blog is meant for me and my interests. And this is something I'm verrry interested in :)

So, my best friends and I were sitting around this weekend playing MASH {BTW I can't even tell you how great it feels to write that sentence! It had been months since I last saw my besties and our, rather impromptu, slumber party this weekend was just what I needed}. When they told me to pick out my future husbands, they actually had to remind me about Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal, my ultimate celebrity crush since about 10th grade. When his name was mentioned, I said, "You know, I haven't thought about him much lately." My friends were shocked, and so was I. So here it is. My Jake fix. Don't judge. After all, this blog is usually about pretty things, and helllo! If he ain't pretty, I don't know who is. Who's your celebrity crush?

P.S. For those of you wondering, I will end up marrying Jake Gyllenhaal. We'll live in a house in Chicago. We won't have any children, but we will have goat. MASH is never wrong, is it?

{images via : we heart it}


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This killer DIY owl costume. – So cool, right? I'm definitely keeping this in mind for next Halloween!

A pretty horizontal bookshelf. – Another possible DIY? For someone much handier than me?

Animal shaped "sculptures" made from...wait for it... water droplets.

Pretty hand-painted travel mugs. – Kinda want one.

Every Tim Burton movie in two minutes. – Mr. Burton is is pictured above with Johnny Depp, because there just isn't enough Johnny on this blog. And they're kind of a perfect duo.

Finally, I like this advice about what to do when you're worrying.

Discover anything cool this week?


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

Most of my awesome and awkward adventures are Halloween related this week, because I've discovered something this past weekend; Halloween is awkward and awesome. And there is no way for it to be just one or the other.

{pretty} awkward
Going back to my alma mater to party for Halloween. I thought I could pretend I was still in college, but I found that I'm definitely too old for that shizz. Feeling old is awkward.

Watching Buddy the Elf {and I mean he looked JUST like him} sandwiched between a slutty devil {girl} and a construction worker {guy}, grinding at the club. I was like, "BUDDY! NOOOOO!"

The drunk-slutty-pirate-girl who decided to sit with us at the pizza place because we were all dressed as pirates {this was unplanned, BTW. Pirates were huge this year}. It went down like this. Drunk-slutty-pirate-girl: "Heeeeey! You are alll pirates! I'm a pirate toooo! Imma sit here and we'll be best friends toniiiight!!" Followed by awkward silence from the rest of us.

The little boys {yes, boys plural} who were dressed up as cheerleaders for trick-or-treating. Wait. No, that was pretty awesome. I just didn't understand it.

{pretty} awesome
Doing the DIY bloody nails I showed you last week for Halloween. Being a bad blogger, I didn't take pictures, but trust, they looked freaking cool! I just wish I didn't have to wait another year to do them again.

Catching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on TV without knowing it was going to be on.

Leftover Halloween candy.


The UPS delivery guy greeting me by my first name. I've only signed for him a couple of times, so it made me think he's just a really considerate person.

Someone asking me if I have any kids. It was awkward when I shouted, "WHAT? NO!" in shock. But, it's awesome that some people think I look older than 18 {I'm assuming}.

I'm sure more awkward and awesome things happened to me this past week because, you guys, Halloween is just... bizarre. Like, people dressed up as slutty monkeys and slutty garbage cans and crap. It's insane in the membrane! So, if I think of more things, I'll be sure to share. Got any awkward and awesomeness of your own to share?


pretty {fall} favorites

currently crazy about...
It's been a while since I've done a "currently crazy about" post, so for those of you interested in my latest obsessions, here's a mash-up of things I'm loving this fall.

Ponchos. Seriously. And big, oversized sweaters. Cozy things I can wrap around myself, blanket-like, in. The great thing about leggings and jeggings being in style, is that you can pair them with massive sweaters and still feel feminine... and completely comfy.

Chevron necklaces. I know chevron is pretty popular right now, but I'm digging this trend in a more subtle way; in pretty geometric necklace form.

Knee high {or higher} socks. Preferably knitted and warm. And I'm loving the look of socks peeking out above boots. Cozy and cute. By the way, the characters of Clueless were pretty much my idols growing up, so thigh highs paired with shorts skirts will forever be in fashion as far as I'm concerned.

P.S. No calendar download {as of yet} this month, 'cause well, I'm lazy. Also, for those of you wondering what I was for Halloween, be sure to check in for tomorrow's awesome and awkwardness – the Halloween edition, as it's turning out.

{via : Pinterest, necklaces via : prairie oats, Gather Jewelry, & AMiRA jewelry}
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