a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

Toasted marshmallow milkshakes?? – At the risk of a tummy-ache, I'd add chocolate and a graham cracker topping for some s'morey goodness.

DIY bloody nails. – I think I have give this a try for this Halloween weekend.

Living in: Practical Magic. – In the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Also because Practical Magic is my favorite movie evers!

The Sketchbook Project. – Sounds kind of amazing. Sign up by Monday!

I am loving this album art.

This video. – True artists at work. Inspiring on so many levels.

Have you discovered anything worth sharing lately? Let me know! Have a spooky weekend!


  1. Love the bloody nails! I would try them for Halloween on Monday, but I am taking a two-year-old trick-or-treating. I think I might freak her out!


  2. woah, those bloody nails look awesome!!

  3. Oh my god, that milkshake sounds heavenly and I am lovin' the bloody nails!!! I need to try that - and yeah, even after Halloween. They are that epic!


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