a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Another week has gone by already? I'm turning 26 this weekend. I'm not sure how I feel about that {other than, woohoo! I made it through another year!} I'm not a big birthday celebrator, so, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that. Now some...

... Pretty neat things I've discovered this week:

The 365 Polaroid Quotes project – found via Silver Sand.

This article by brilliant book cover designer, Christian Fuenfhausen – For design geeks like myself.

DIY spray painted flatware.

Coffee Joulies to cool your coffee. – So smart! I want.

A type kerning game. – For type geeks like myself. My score was a 93. What's yours?

DIY braided clay bracelet.

He is Galla. – And isn't he a cutie?? What's the term for a male fashionista? I think I'm in love? What? Never mind. 

Let me know if you've discovered anything interesting this week. Have a fab weekend!


  1. Your blog is so much fun:) I love this round up! Lindsay's braided bracelet is the coolest. Happy weekend!

  2. that cutlery is SO pretty! i love those clay bracelets too - maybe i'll give those a try :) xo

  3. Happy Almost Birthday, YAAAAY!!! I am a big birthday fan. I mean: presents, yummies and theme parties type of fan! ;) Next year I'll be 23! July 28th, woo!

  4. Happy birthday! I will be 26 in a couple of weeks coming up! Also, I love those coffee beans. I saw something on the Today Show today about a coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot, but has a chamber that makes each sip you take a reasonable temperature. Want!


  5. fellow design geek! love that article...thanks for sharing!


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