pretty portraits {of objects}

Do you like the pictures? 'Cause they're freaking paintings! Contemporary realist painter, Christopher Stott's work is described as being "almost object portraiture." From Stott's website,
The banal and ordinary subjects of his work are painted in a celebratory way, turning them in to iconic vestiges of the not so distant past.
And check out that yummy muted, retro color scheme. I'm in awe.

And the winner of the Oia Jules giveaway {chosen through random.org} is…  #17, AmandaSue! This was my most entered giveaway yet. So, congrats Amanda! I'll be contacting you soon.

{via : Christopher Stott, found via : Anthology Magazine}


  1. Oh, yes- I've been loving his work for years. It's amazing someone can have that much talent!!

  2. Holy crap!! I honestly didnt realize they were paintings! Gee I love hyper realism :)

  3. You have a beautifully designed blog and I love your images. The typewriter and phone take the cake though.

    The Book of Love


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