a pretty fall {phenomenon}

Indian summer. Any other time of year those two words wouldn't mean much to me. But right now, while we're in the center of an Indian summer, those two words seem sort of magical. The heat of Indian summer is different from that of regular summer. It's somehow still fresh, not sweltering. It's just a pleasant warmth. And everything is golden. It's almost a reminder – cold days and long nights are on the way, so bask in this golden light while you can. The photography of Fernanda Montoro is as close as I can come to sharing that feeling with you.


  1. His photography is gorgeous. I can really feel the mood, it's pretty but also very "raw" I guess you can say. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Wow! Stunning :) especially the horse one! I can't remember if I asked you or not - but do you have a square button (if poss. 100x100) that I can have for my blog? I've had a bit of a layout change! Thank you! (Oh and if you do could you email it to me? Thanks) xxx

  3. Louise,
    I will work on making a button that size. I've been meaning to make some more button sizes anyway! I'll email it soon :)


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