pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
When I asked two people how old they thought I was turning {FYI, I turned 26 on Sunday}, they both guessed 18. The fact that I look much younger than my age has bothered me since adolescence. But, I supposed this will be considered "awesome" in about 10 years.

Stepping out of the shower to see there's no towel in the bathroom...

Seeing someone I went to high school with at work. There were 4 other customers, and that isn't exactly the place to catch up after 7 years so... we both kind of pretended that we didn't know each other.

This video. I'm just kidding. It's really AWESOME. I watch it once a year around Halloween, and well, that's enough.

{pretty} awesome
The cute boy who gave me a big smile and wave on my way home from work. He was driving a tractor. On the other hand, this could be considered awkward as he was hot... and I was probably definitely staring.

The random friends and old classmates who keep finding me on Pinterest. Man, I love how the internet allows us to never lose track of people.

Putting Nerds on my birthday cake instead of sprinkles. It was fruity, crunchy, nerdy awesome. And it was pretty.

Leftover birthday cake. It's been like my birthday for 5 days. Though, the Nerds aren't as crunchy anymore.

Glee on TV instead of the World Series last night. Suck it baseball fans.

Finding out from the vet that my cat's organs are 100% healthy. She's got to be on her 9th life but, her resilience constantly amazes me. You go, baby!

Tomorrow will mark my 300th post on this blog! Wow, that makes it sound like I've been doing this for a while.

The fact that I really wanted more awkward and embarrassing things to happen to me this week, just so I could share them with you guys. Embarrassment will be a little more bearable now that I have people to share my total awkwardness with.

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week? I want to hear about it!


  1. People constantly guess I am younger as well. It's SO annoying in my opinion! I wanna look 22, NOT fifteen or sixteen, rawrawrawr. And yay for your kitty!!!

    Also shower and no towel = a step out of the shower and a cry of "urrrrrgh!" from me.

  2. Awkward: seeing one of my former students at a clothing store way too young for my age
    Awesome: i still think i look pretty good in the top i bought ;)



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