pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
Talking to a customer while they had me on speaker phone. I unconsciously paused after every word so I could hear myself talk back to me. The... con... ver... sa... tion... went... some... thing... like... this...

My boss telling me I need a boyfriend. Sure he was joking, but my reaction was still like, "Excuse me? What did you just say?" Followed by that most awkward of all awkward, uncomfortable laughs.

Watching Black Swan. Followed by two days of persistently checking my fingers for hangnails.

Accidentally beeping my car horn at the bank drive-up. The two tellers behind the window jumped about a foot high. Theeeen they wouldn't stop talking about it.

Turning into the wrong lane in a construction zone. It wasn't an on-coming traffic lane. Still, I had to weave through those barrels like it was a freaking obstacle course. Luckily, only one other car saw me. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

So I'm printing a job at work when the customer walks in expecting to pick it up. I tell him it'll be another half an hour or more and that he should come back later. He decides to wait. While he's standing there, he does nothing but periodically ring the service bell. For fun. Apparently. Then almost 30 minutes later he decides to leave and tells me to call him when it's done. Oh, ok. I'll call you in a few minutes then. Weirdo.

{pretty} awesome
Coming home from work after a long day to find this pretty package waiting for me. My giveaway sponsor, Oia Jules sent me this beautiful necklace. {Ignore the plaid shirt, if that's possible. I'm no fashion blogger.} Trust, it is gorgeous in person.

Getting my Print mag in the mail. I haven't subscribed to Print Magazine since college. Sweeeeet.

Watching The Hot Chick. That sounds kinda lame, but this was one of our go to movies at slumber parties in high school. {You guys know how cool I was in high school right?} Anyway, this movie is nostalgic and hilarious. It's meeeee, Jessicaaa!

HOCUS POCUS IS ON TV TONIGHT! I have purposely never owned this movie, just so I can wait in giddy anticipation for it to be on TV every October. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I got almost all the lyrics of The Bang Theory theme song yesterday. One goal almost accomplished! {p.s. Can you guys tell I watch a lot of TV?}

Totally reenacting this video on my drive to work this morning. Word. For. Word. It's pretty awesome how easily I amuse myself.

Share your awkward and awesomes in the comments!


  1. I love that video of the girl in the car! That used to be me. Now I have a baby and all my talking is out loud to prevent back seat melt downs. Also, Hocus Pocus: I only associate with people who love that movie :)


  2. i love plaid! and i'll be watchiung Hocus Pocus tonight too :)

  3. You look so cute - I adore plaid! And I am sorry for the awkward, but YAY for the awesome! Especially memorizing the Big Bang Theory theme song. It's a favorite song of mine!!!

  4. I'm smiling because I've been so psyched that Hocus Pocus is on!! Also, I can't get over how stunning your blog design is!


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