pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

My favorite things about Thursdays are TVD, and reading Sydney's awkward and awesome posts on The Daybook. So I decided I might as well start participating myself!

{pretty} awkward
• Planking. Don't get me wrong, planking is actually awesome. Especially when it's done with your aunts and your mom in a town where no one knows you. It was finding out later that day that we had done it wrong that was awkward. Your arms are supposed to be at your sides. Did you know that? 'Cause we didn't.

• Wearing a brown sweater with a white collar, then spilling chocolate milk just on the white collar. What? Really? I couldn't have dribbled my milk like an idiot onto the brown {majority} part of the shirt? I have great stain aim.

• Watching Youth In Revolt. That's it. That movie is awwwkward.

• Watching Dexter with my dad. Again, normally awesome. But, if you saw Sunday's ep, you know what I'm talking about. Without getting too graphic let me just say, boobs and a bj. What? Too graphic? Try watching that with your dad.

• Getting "adult toys" as a gag gift at a family event. Yeah, it was funny. I'm sure my parents and grandparents thought so too.

{pretty} awesome
• Planking. Come on. Finding places for my pregnant aunt's belly to fit into for her planking was just awesome. Rules schmules!

• Playing The Alphabet game on the long ride home from the family event mentioned above. It was fun, but the awesome part was when both of my parents lied to me about where highway "Q" was located while we were all stuck on the letter. Me, "Are we anywhere near highway Q?" Parents, "Nope. No. Don't think so. Where is that? Pretty sure it's up north somewhere." Parents simultaneously upon seeing Hwy Q, "Q! Geez, we've been waiting for that!" I didn't know my parents had it in them. I was both shocked and proud.

• A new ice cream scoop that I've dubbed "the magic scoop!" It makes perfectly round balls of ice cream and makes me feel like a professional ice cream scooper.

• Seeing jack-o-lantern decorations pop up all over our house.

• Driving with the windows rolled down and smelling both fresh-cut grass and dried leaves. Again I say, Indian summer.

Raising Hope was on last night when I didn't know it was going to be on and just happened to be watching that channel. Booya!

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  1. Ha! That is some creative planking :) I think you guys should get extra points for putting your arms out!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  2. Hahah oh I LOVE this!! The planking is so cute with the preggo belly! Following you now. Found you through A&A at The Daybook!


  3. Love it! Yes, it was ackward to find out we planked incorrectly but the memories of that day were well worth it!


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