a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

Toasted marshmallow milkshakes?? – At the risk of a tummy-ache, I'd add chocolate and a graham cracker topping for some s'morey goodness.

DIY bloody nails. – I think I have give this a try for this Halloween weekend.

Living in: Practical Magic. – In the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Also because Practical Magic is my favorite movie evers!

The Sketchbook Project. – Sounds kind of amazing. Sign up by Monday!

I am loving this album art.

This video. – True artists at work. Inspiring on so many levels.

Have you discovered anything worth sharing lately? Let me know! Have a spooky weekend!


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
When I asked two people how old they thought I was turning {FYI, I turned 26 on Sunday}, they both guessed 18. The fact that I look much younger than my age has bothered me since adolescence. But, I supposed this will be considered "awesome" in about 10 years.

Stepping out of the shower to see there's no towel in the bathroom...

Seeing someone I went to high school with at work. There were 4 other customers, and that isn't exactly the place to catch up after 7 years so... we both kind of pretended that we didn't know each other.

This video. I'm just kidding. It's really AWESOME. I watch it once a year around Halloween, and well, that's enough.

{pretty} awesome
The cute boy who gave me a big smile and wave on my way home from work. He was driving a tractor. On the other hand, this could be considered awkward as he was hot... and I was probably definitely staring.

The random friends and old classmates who keep finding me on Pinterest. Man, I love how the internet allows us to never lose track of people.

Putting Nerds on my birthday cake instead of sprinkles. It was fruity, crunchy, nerdy awesome. And it was pretty.

Leftover birthday cake. It's been like my birthday for 5 days. Though, the Nerds aren't as crunchy anymore.

Glee on TV instead of the World Series last night. Suck it baseball fans.

Finding out from the vet that my cat's organs are 100% healthy. She's got to be on her 9th life but, her resilience constantly amazes me. You go, baby!

Tomorrow will mark my 300th post on this blog! Wow, that makes it sound like I've been doing this for a while.

The fact that I really wanted more awkward and embarrassing things to happen to me this week, just so I could share them with you guys. Embarrassment will be a little more bearable now that I have people to share my total awkwardness with.

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week? I want to hear about it!


a pretty tattoo {anew}

The fake tattoos we wore as twenty somethings kids have been taken to a whole new level, thanks to Ink Illusion. I'm delighted to say, fake tats are back. Whether you're afraid of commitment {me} or just afraid of pain {also, me}, pain-free pretty ink is now possible. And now, you could win a set of these exquisite temporary tattoos over on Oh The Lovely Things!

Speaking of winning, the winner of the ara133photography pretty giveaway {chosen through random.org}  is... #77 Whitney! Congratulations Whitney!


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Another week has gone by already? I'm turning 26 this weekend. I'm not sure how I feel about that {other than, woohoo! I made it through another year!} I'm not a big birthday celebrator, so, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that. Now some...

... Pretty neat things I've discovered this week:

The 365 Polaroid Quotes project – found via Silver Sand.

This article by brilliant book cover designer, Christian Fuenfhausen – For design geeks like myself.

DIY spray painted flatware.

Coffee Joulies to cool your coffee. – So smart! I want.

A type kerning game. – For type geeks like myself. My score was a 93. What's yours?

DIY braided clay bracelet.

He is Galla. – And isn't he a cutie?? What's the term for a male fashionista? I think I'm in love? What? Never mind. 

Let me know if you've discovered anything interesting this week. Have a fab weekend!


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward
Talking to a customer while they had me on speaker phone. I unconsciously paused after every word so I could hear myself talk back to me. The... con... ver... sa... tion... went... some... thing... like... this...

My boss telling me I need a boyfriend. Sure he was joking, but my reaction was still like, "Excuse me? What did you just say?" Followed by that most awkward of all awkward, uncomfortable laughs.

Watching Black Swan. Followed by two days of persistently checking my fingers for hangnails.

Accidentally beeping my car horn at the bank drive-up. The two tellers behind the window jumped about a foot high. Theeeen they wouldn't stop talking about it.

Turning into the wrong lane in a construction zone. It wasn't an on-coming traffic lane. Still, I had to weave through those barrels like it was a freaking obstacle course. Luckily, only one other car saw me. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

So I'm printing a job at work when the customer walks in expecting to pick it up. I tell him it'll be another half an hour or more and that he should come back later. He decides to wait. While he's standing there, he does nothing but periodically ring the service bell. For fun. Apparently. Then almost 30 minutes later he decides to leave and tells me to call him when it's done. Oh, ok. I'll call you in a few minutes then. Weirdo.

{pretty} awesome
Coming home from work after a long day to find this pretty package waiting for me. My giveaway sponsor, Oia Jules sent me this beautiful necklace. {Ignore the plaid shirt, if that's possible. I'm no fashion blogger.} Trust, it is gorgeous in person.

Getting my Print mag in the mail. I haven't subscribed to Print Magazine since college. Sweeeeet.

Watching The Hot Chick. That sounds kinda lame, but this was one of our go to movies at slumber parties in high school. {You guys know how cool I was in high school right?} Anyway, this movie is nostalgic and hilarious. It's meeeee, Jessicaaa!

HOCUS POCUS IS ON TV TONIGHT! I have purposely never owned this movie, just so I can wait in giddy anticipation for it to be on TV every October. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I got almost all the lyrics of The Bang Theory theme song yesterday. One goal almost accomplished! {p.s. Can you guys tell I watch a lot of TV?}

Totally reenacting this video on my drive to work this morning. Word. For. Word. It's pretty awesome how easily I amuse myself.

Share your awkward and awesomes in the comments!


a {pretty} project of goals

I've decided to participate in Oh, hello friend's Twelve by 2012. Mind you, I have absolutely no intention of actually getting these things done. I'm awful at setting and keeping goals. So to keep this easier on myself, there will be no disillusionment here. This list is more for curiosity sake. I'm curious as to whether or not I will even attempt to do any of these things before 2012. This will be interesting... or not.

Twelve by 2012

1. Visit some of my friends, who live in various parts of the state.

2. Clean my room. No joke. This includes getting rid of half of my clothes, some of which are circa 2000 or so.

3. Make a new portfolio. I bought the book for said portfolio a year ago. See? Master Procrastinator. Call me No Goals McGee.

4. Attempt a gluten-free diet... for, like a day.

5. Incorporate some sort of physical activity into my daily life.

OMG, you guys. I was getting bored writing this so I signed into MSN messenger for the first time since high school, and guess what the quote by my name is? "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today." WHAT? REALLY? So at one point I wasn't a Master Procrastinator? I can't believe my quote wasn't a Goo Goo Dolls song lyric or "Oy with the poodles already!" {both the Goo and Gilmore Girls are listed in my MSN messenger "interests". Other interests include; cheerleading, The O.C., and dogs and cats.} Also, no lie, I spelt "tomorrow" "tomarrow". Because I literally couldn't spell tomorrow in high school. Ok, back to the goals.

6. Finish the boring book I'm reading. And finish its sequel I bought thinking I'd like this one. And read some other good books too.

7. Try cooking a couple of meals I've never made before.

8. Work on new Pretty {much} Art designs/projects.

9. Do some creative writing.

10. Put music on my phone. Again I've been meaning to do this for about a year.
Technicaly, I got a new phone. And it was much easier to music on it than my old one.

11. Create an "about me" section and add a "buttons" page to my blog.

12. Learn the lyrics to The Big Bang Theory theme song and be able to sing along when it's on TV. Ok I just ran out of goals.

Do you have any goals you're trying to accomplish? I'd love to hear!

{via : Oh, hello friend}

P.S. The winner of the Julie Ann Art blog ad space giveaway {chosen through random.org} is...#2 Annika! Congrats, Annika! I'll be contacting you soon.


a pretty {photo} giveaway

Speaking of inspiring color combos...remember this one? Well that pretty Willow print is up for grabs in this pretty giveaway!

Husband and wife duo, Michael and Amy are the pretty people behind ara133photography. They specialize in surreal, abstract, rustic, nautical, autumn inspired and whimsical, original fine art photography prints for interior design and home decor. Ara133photography also offers unique photography gifts, like pendants and calendars. Want to learn more about this dynamic duo? Visit their shop and facebook page.

Win this day-dreamy 8x8 photo, great for a gift or in your own home. Soft yellow willow leaves sway in the breeze, against a pale aqua and cloudy sky in this vintage style photograph – and it could be yours!

How to enter: ** CLOSED **

1. Leave a comment on this blog post {mandatory to win}. Please note that if I can't get to a working email through your profile you will not be contacted, and therefore won't win! It's not a bad idea to post your email in your comment to be sure I've got it {I'd suggest writing out (at) and (dot) in your email address to avoid spamy-spam}.

For more chances to win: {please leave a separate comment for each one}

2. Visit the ara133photography shop and let me know what your favorite item is. 
3. Like ara133photography on facebook.

4. Tweet this giveaway. 

There you go! You have four chances to win this gorgeous giveaway. The random winner will be announced one week from today. The last chance to enter will be Monday, October 24th.

P.S. Don't forget, today's the last day to enter the Julie Ann Art ad space giveaway! 


pretty color combo {gray/tan}

I don't know why I'm so in love with neutrals right now... I must be ready for the dreary cloudiness of winter. Honestly though, I'm finding this color combo more soothing than dreary. There's an inspired sophistication in neutrals. Plus these colors remind me of my Honey bear. Does it sound depressing when I say gray is my favorite color? Or does it just remind you of the song Mr. Jones?

{images via : Pinterest}


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

 Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This Vogue photo shoot of Michelle Williams channeling Marilyn Monroe. – So beautiful. This one is currently set as my desktop background, and it looks fab.

A Paint By Numbers wall. – Ambitious, but awesome.

Adorable origami pins. – I'm adding these to my birthday wish list. Wook at da wittle bunny wunny!

Air plant pods. – A plant I could maybe keep alive? I'll take ten.

DIY fabric covered vintage suitcases. – In case vintage suitcases aren't cool enough.

This watch. – Also going on the b-day wish list. Everyday chic.

This skirt. – A modern day bustled skirt? I love.

Finally, "I'm going to be a dad!" – Candid captures of one man telling his friends and family the big news. The phrase, "a picture is worth 1000 words" was invented for photos like these.

Did you discover anything cool this week? Please let me know in the comments!


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

{pretty} awkward 
That random picture of me, found in the Photo Booth folder on my computer. Oh, the things I share on my blog... for the world to see.

Me having a blond tired moment and exclaiming loudly, "birds don't lay eggs!"... in a public setting. And it took me a few seconds to realize I was wrong. Yes, I know, birdies do lay eggs.

Sitting a certain way at the craft show this weekend, so that every time I looked up I was looking directly at the vendor next to us. How was it that we caught each other's eye every time I looked up?! I swear I'm not trying to stare you down, lady! You're looking at me too!

Having to weed the dirt around the building at work. Me? Do the weeding? They know they hired me as a graphic designer right? I then spent the rest of the day pretending not to be sore. 'Cause apparently, after three years of working there, my wimpyness is still unknown to them.

{pretty} awesome
Did I ever tell you about the time I met John Stamos at a bar? And he told my I was pretty? No, that last part's from Mean Girls. I really did meet him though. The proof is in that pretty awesome photo.

Finding the third Princess Diaries book at Goodwill for like a dollar. Let's pretend you don't know I read girly young adult books, ok?

Shopping for a halloween costume at Goodwill.


The Halloween Party Radio station on Pandora. {thanks to Think Priddy for sharing!} It's playing The Nightmare Before Christmas score as I type this! Definition of awesome, right there.

My brother coming to visit my mom and I at our art/craft show this past weekend. Let me rephrase that... my brother and his four college roommates coming to visit us at our art/craft show. His male roommates. Big dudes. Into sports and beer-pong and other college guy stuffs, and looking completely out of place at an art and craft show. But they came, seemed genuinely interested in what it is we do, and left. It was kind of sweet...

... Probably a little awkward for them though.

Please share your own awkward and awesomeness in the comments!


a {pretty awesome} ad space giveaway

Surprise! So, it turns out I couldn't stay away from hosting more giveaways. Especially when they're as amazing as this one. 

Not gonna lie, I just spent about 30 minutes reading this blog. Julie Ann's blog, Julie Ann Art, is totes adorable and full of DIYs, tutorials, and overall inspiration. Did you see the new "Pin It" button on my blog posts? Her blog taught me that. It's Blogsome! {"Blog" plus "awesome"? I don't know. I tried to make that work.} Anyway, I bet her 986+ followers would agree. And you can be a part of that!

Julie Ann is offering one lucky winner a medium size ad space on her blog for the month of November! With 214,000+ page views last month alone, this is legit, you guys.

How to enter: **CLOSED**

1. Leave a comment on this blog post {mandatory to win}. Please note that if I can't get to a working email through your profile you will not be contacted, and therefore won't win! It's not a bad idea to post your email in your comment to be sure I've got it {I'd suggest writing out (at) and (dot) in your email address to avoid spamy-spam}.

For more chances to win: {please leave a separate comment for each one}

2. Become a follower of Julie Ann Art.
3. Like Julie Ann Art on facebook.
4. Tweet this giveaway. 

There you go! You have four chances to win this blogsome giveaway. The random winner will be announced one week from today. The last chance to enter will be Tuesday, October 18th.

P.S. Check out Julie Ann Art on Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter!


a pretty color combo {pink/gray}

October is breast cancer awareness month. As if I needed a reason to do a post about the prettiness of pink. But, as the pink ribbon has taught us, pink is more than pretty. It's power. So here's to the survivors, the fighters, the women of the world, and the girls that are the future of it. Plus, if I were to pick a color combo to represent me, it'd probably this one... girly, calm, quite, with a subtle strength hidden in its pretty colors.

{images via : Pinterest}


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

This blog... especially the pancake pillowsFun fact: I can never spell the word "pancake" right on the first try.

I scream. You scream. Exploding ice cream! – From the same blog, but too cool to ignore. No special effects here, people.

How cute is this little hipster stud?

This pretty bed. – In an ideal world, it would also be my office.

Grilled cheese. – Nuf said.

Branding 10,000 Lakes – Crazy if you ask me. Crazy cooool.

I ♥ NY – and illustration.

A pretty lace scarf DIY that I actually want to try. – 'Cause it wouldn't be a weekly wrap-up without a DIY!

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments! And, come visit us here this weekend!


pretty awkward, pretty awesome {Thursday}

My favorite things about Thursdays are TVD, and reading Sydney's awkward and awesome posts on The Daybook. So I decided I might as well start participating myself!

{pretty} awkward
• Planking. Don't get me wrong, planking is actually awesome. Especially when it's done with your aunts and your mom in a town where no one knows you. It was finding out later that day that we had done it wrong that was awkward. Your arms are supposed to be at your sides. Did you know that? 'Cause we didn't.

• Wearing a brown sweater with a white collar, then spilling chocolate milk just on the white collar. What? Really? I couldn't have dribbled my milk like an idiot onto the brown {majority} part of the shirt? I have great stain aim.

• Watching Youth In Revolt. That's it. That movie is awwwkward.

• Watching Dexter with my dad. Again, normally awesome. But, if you saw Sunday's ep, you know what I'm talking about. Without getting too graphic let me just say, boobs and a bj. What? Too graphic? Try watching that with your dad.

• Getting "adult toys" as a gag gift at a family event. Yeah, it was funny. I'm sure my parents and grandparents thought so too.

{pretty} awesome
• Planking. Come on. Finding places for my pregnant aunt's belly to fit into for her planking was just awesome. Rules schmules!

• Playing The Alphabet game on the long ride home from the family event mentioned above. It was fun, but the awesome part was when both of my parents lied to me about where highway "Q" was located while we were all stuck on the letter. Me, "Are we anywhere near highway Q?" Parents, "Nope. No. Don't think so. Where is that? Pretty sure it's up north somewhere." Parents simultaneously upon seeing Hwy Q, "Q! Geez, we've been waiting for that!" I didn't know my parents had it in them. I was both shocked and proud.

• A new ice cream scoop that I've dubbed "the magic scoop!" It makes perfectly round balls of ice cream and makes me feel like a professional ice cream scooper.

• Seeing jack-o-lantern decorations pop up all over our house.

• Driving with the windows rolled down and smelling both fresh-cut grass and dried leaves. Again I say, Indian summer.

Raising Hope was on last night when I didn't know it was going to be on and just happened to be watching that channel. Booya!

Share the link to your own awkward and awesome Thursday post in the comments!


a pretty fall {phenomenon}

Indian summer. Any other time of year those two words wouldn't mean much to me. But right now, while we're in the center of an Indian summer, those two words seem sort of magical. The heat of Indian summer is different from that of regular summer. It's somehow still fresh, not sweltering. It's just a pleasant warmth. And everything is golden. It's almost a reminder – cold days and long nights are on the way, so bask in this golden light while you can. The photography of Fernanda Montoro is as close as I can come to sharing that feeling with you.


pretty portraits {of objects}

Do you like the pictures? 'Cause they're freaking paintings! Contemporary realist painter, Christopher Stott's work is described as being "almost object portraiture." From Stott's website,
The banal and ordinary subjects of his work are painted in a celebratory way, turning them in to iconic vestiges of the not so distant past.
And check out that yummy muted, retro color scheme. I'm in awe.

And the winner of the Oia Jules giveaway {chosen through random.org} is…  #17, AmandaSue! This was my most entered giveaway yet. So, congrats Amanda! I'll be contacting you soon.

{via : Christopher Stott, found via : Anthology Magazine}


{pretty freebie} October wallpaper

Heeeeey October! Don't tell the other months, but you're my favorite. 

Welcome to the heart of fall everyone. As I write this, I'm watching Sunday football as a cool breeze flows in from our slightly ajar door. My mom's chili is cooking on the stove. The colors of the leaves are changing from green to vibrant shades of yellow and red, right before my eyes, in the bright autumn sunshine. I am munching on candy corn. And all of this greatness is happening because it's October. I'd love to bottle up this fall feeling and share it, but since I can't, I'll settle for sharing a free desktop download I've created just for you. If you don't know your screen resolution, you can find it out here.

2560 x 1440   •   1920 x 1280   •  1680 x 1050   •  1600 x 1200   •  1280 x 800   •  ipad   •  iphone

Feel free to share this download, but don't try to sell it or take credit for designing it in any way. Also, don't forget that today's the last day to enter this gorgeous giveaway.

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