a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Pretty neat things discovered this week:

These nails. – Perfection.

A cute and simple Polaroid magnet DIY.

An adorable old picture of my boyfriend and his sister – What? You guys didn't know that I'm dating Jake Gyllenhaal? In my mind?

Free Crappy Portraits – That's literally what they are. I'm so getting one done.

Reusable eyeliner stickers.

These refreshing looking berry ice cubes.

This knotted belt. – I want it.

DIY vintage sheet cocktail napkins. – Pretty and easy to do... um, unless you're like me and can't sew a button onto your pants.

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments! And, don't forget, our Pretty Giveaway Palooza starts Monday. See you then!


  1. That belt... I need it in my life.

    A Sweet Release

  2. great picks. all 8 of them look just perfect.
    The knotted belt is great. i feel like i could keep and wear that for ever. don't ya think?


    p.s. i love the balloon post. i pinned that in pinterest a while back. love it.

  3. oh yes, that belt!!! lovely. nice blog stephanie.....now if i could just find where to hit follow. i think blogger is having issues! will be back to try again. found you via etsy blog team.

  4. Thanks all! I've been looking for a good belt forever, and now I've got my heart set on that one. It's so interesting... for a belt I mean.

    @ Pamela - Yes, I think blogger is having issues with the followers gadget. It seems to be hiding on everyone's blogs! Hopefully the issue is resolved soon :)

  5. Those ice cubes are such a yes right now!!! They would be so yumm in some tea :D

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Those berry ice cubes look so refreshing to me right now ~ picturing a glass of lemonade.....


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