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pretty freebie
Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! {sung to the tune of Shots}*. Can you tell I'm excited for autumn? After this past weekend {mine spent huddled under blankets out on the porch of my friend's RV... don't worry, it was more fun than it sounds} it feels like fall is just around the corner. 

Not only does September mark the beginning of fall, but it's also Pretty {much} Art's birthday month! We're turning 3 this month. And to celebrate, I'll be offering our pretty friends some pretty freebies. First up, this desktop wallpaper. Yeah, I'm a few days late with this... but it's free. Beggars can't be choosers friends. Also, feel free to share this download, but don't try to sell it or take credit for designing it in any way. That's just not cool. BTW, if you don't know your screen resolution, go here.

2560 x 1440   •   1920 x 1280   •  1680 x 1050   •  1600 x 1200   •  1280 x 800   •  ipad   •  iphone

* My brother once told me you can sing any one syllable word to the tune of Shots and that word will sound more exciting. Umm, I'm glad he's learning these valuable tidbits of information in college.

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