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In case you missed it, our Pretty City series has recently been added to the shop! Acknowledging that I'm from a small town in central Wisconsin, some of you would probably consider me a "country girl". No, I've never seen a cow being milked. Are you kidding me? Ok, I did see a cow birth a calf once. It was on a farm... at a 6th grade birthday party. Scarred. For. Life.

I like to think that I'm not all that sheltered, but in all honesty, I'm fascinated by cities. Particularly cities at night time. I'll never forget my mom and I walking back to our hotel in New York City at one in the morning. Let me tell you, Time Square is just as crowded at 1:00am as it is a 8:00pm. Perhaps my City prints were inspired by this event. I’m captivated by New York City and why it is they call it “the city that never sleeps”. Where do people go in the middle of the night, when the world is still awake and wide open to them; when it’s so easy to forget that with those bright lights comes shadows?

As evident by the titles of my prints, the series was also inspired by this song. Sara Bareilles, please don't sue me.

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