a pretty {weekly} wrap-up

Check it out! Our P{m}A 2011 Catalog is now online. Click above, or on the new link in the sidebar to flip through! And, our website has been updated with a complete list of upcoming fall art/craft shows. Click here to view where we'll be. Onward to...

Pretty neat things discovered this week:

Chalkboard skulls – Yes, skulls. I must really be on a chalkboard kick this week.

These social media propaganda posters – Just clever.

Amazing cakes – ...and a pretty blog too.

These beautiful 3-D posters {be sure to view the video as well} – Each structure took about 35 hours to complete, and to think, I get frustrated when my printer takes more than a few minutes to print!

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments! And have a great weekend. I happen to be going to a PACKER {a.k.a. SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!} game today and am totally stoked!

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