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You know, normally when I decide I'm going to blog about something I'm currently crazy about, I try to make it somewhat more interesting than "Wow, neat. I really like this right now". So in blogging about black walls I may delve into the history of dark rooms and how dark spaces were once a sign of wealth {or something like that that I vaguely remember from my Art History classes}. Or maybe I'd launch into some interior design lesson {some of which I would have just made up, I'm sure} about how black walls bring your eyes right to the windows during the daytime, and about how dark walls add drama and sophistication to a room when paired with a few lightly colored pieces of furniture. 

Whatever. The truth is, I'm tired. It's a little bit chilly and kind of cloudy on this Sunday afternoon, and nothing looks more appealing right now than curling up in a down comforted bed or soaking in a hot bubble bath surrounded by black as night, sleep approved walls. If these walls could talk, they'd say something like "It's ok to not by supper energized right now because we're just chill like that. We're also sophisticated and add a sense of wealth to your home and whatnot, or whatever..."

{images via : Pinterest}

P.S. If you're ever interested in finding the all of the images I take from Pinterest, you can usually find them in my "likes".

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  1. I got into black walls last year when I was looking at buying a house. There was a specific room in one of them where I thought, yes!, this room needs a black wall with white trim/moulding. Since then I really like the idea of having one room with black walls.


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