a pretty {princess} get-a-way

Speaking of comfort... Do you remember that scene in A Little Princess when Sara and Becky wake up in their dark, dusty attic to find it totally transformed? No longer is it dark, but brilliantly blanketed in bright silk scarves, cloaked in lush tapestries of orange and yellow, and enveloped in sunflowers. That has always been my favorite scene and I supposed you could say its lush Indian atmosphere has occasionally influenced my interior style. My bed has always been overflowing with multicolored pillows. 

While I would never decorate my entire house like that, I've always wanted one little space, just like Sara and Becky, to escape from the gloom of the day and hide away layers of luxury. Enter Magnolia Pearl's transformed airstream trailer. Tiny and completely cover, dripping in lace. It is romantic, cozy and entirely over the top. A perfect little get-a-way for princesses like me.

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