pretty {much} chalk

Speaking of unconventional art... "Chalk lettering" certainly seems extraordinary. And temporary, but that's part chalk's appeal, isn't it? Dana Tanamachi, works for Louise Fili Ltd by day {of course, right?} and as a custom chalk letterer by night. I'm finding her exquisite works of chalk totally inspiring.

If I had a place of my own, you know one of my walls would be chalkboard paint. Yeah, I'd be all over that. Of course, after about half an hour of writing stupid crap on it {i.e. "for a good time call 867-5309", "SS + JG FOREVERS!!" - a few of you may get that one} and drawing pigs all over it {idk, I was good at drawing cartoon pigs when I was a kid; it was kinda my thing}, I'd start complaining that the chalk is ruining my hands and wonder why it doesn't look anything like Dana Tanamachi's work! Chalk it up to me lacking a knack for chalk, especially in comparison Dana's rocking chalking skills.

{via : Dana Tanamachi, found via : Design*Sponge}

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  1. sigh, I love the way this looks so much! why can't we all be amazing chalk lettering people?


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