pretty {exposed}

I don't know what's wrong with me this week folks. I just can't seem to fully wake up. I tell ya, I stay up late on the weekend and it just wipes me out for the rest of the week. And, I'm probably not making matters better by making my sleepy self see double. But I feel an appreciation for these dreamy multiple exposure shots that I probably wouldn't be feeling in my normal alive-awake-alert-enthusiastic state. Dreamland is exactly where I want to be right now, and these fanciful photos take me there. 

Although I once heard that a person can be so over-tired that they can actually have the symptoms of being drunk. Sooo... awkward question but, everyone else is seeing double in these photos right? Right? It's not just me. Right?

{images via : Pinterest}

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  1. there's some serious photoshopping going on there but then again maybe I'm not awake either :/


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