pretty {orchard} pics

pretty pictures
Some pretty pictures from this past weekend, which BTW will hence be known as Pretty {much} Art's Adventures In Orchardland, or something. The humongo sunflowers were literally the biggest I've ever seen; totally Alice In Wonderland-esque. Dreamy.

I don't have one of those newfangled, fancy phones that allows you to edit pictures and make them look like vintage polaroids. I edited these pics using the Poladroid project - a free download that lets you turn your pics to polaroids in one click and drag of the mouse (you even have wait for it to "develop",  or you can wave it around with your mouse to make it "dry" faster). It's super fun!


a {pretty} weekly wrap-up

Some pictures from the last week {or so}. In an effort to make my blog more personal to me, you may start seeing more pictures of, well, meeee! You've been warned. But then again, maybe you won't. I just want my blog to be a bit more of a documentation of my life. So here's a start. Now some:

Pretty neat things discovered this week: a rather amusing assortment

Zombie engagement photos.

What happened? Bandages. – My favorite is "Dance Off".

Anderson Copper loses it video. – Giggle fit!

"Overheard" art. – A cute idea. And eavesdropping on strangers is fun!

These videos of "The History of Rap" – Gaah, so talented and cute! I heart Justin & Jimmy :)

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget, Pretty {much} Art will be in an apple orchard this weekend! Visit us if you can.


pretty {repurposed} books

OMG you guys. I thought the DIY book planter was cool, and now just a couple of days later, I discover this?! That shiz is kismet ya'll.* Introducing, The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life. 

As I've mentioned, I'm a designer, not a crafter. I can't cut a strait line. I eat paste. Not really. However, I do love me some books, and these projects are too cute not to give a try. So if someone wants to buy me this book, and then watch me turn it into a tree house or something when I'm done with it {what? that's not one of the 33 projects?}, then feel free. Or maybe I'll give this free download a go first.

* Sometimes I wish I lived in the south, if only for the fact that I could say "ya'll" without people thinking I'm weird. Well that, and for the notoriously big hair.


pretty {plant} pieces

This adorable DIY combines my love for reading with my love for gardening crafting... ok I don't have a green thumb or crafty skills, but I do love plants! And handmade things! And, come on, I think even I could handle this DIY. Perfect for center pieces, a house warming nifty gifty, or sitting on a quaint book shelf {or on one of the two dozen, sky high shelves covering the walls of my majestic, book-overflowing library... that I will someday have... given to me by a prince. Beauty and the Beast pretty much mapped out my future; minus the Beast part.} Anyway, full instructions here.

{via : Green Wedding Shoes, found via : Ruche blog}


a pretty {weekly} wrap-up

Check it out! Our P{m}A 2011 Catalog is now online. Click above, or on the new link in the sidebar to flip through! And, our website has been updated with a complete list of upcoming fall art/craft shows. Click here to view where we'll be. Onward to...

Pretty neat things discovered this week:

Chalkboard skulls – Yes, skulls. I must really be on a chalkboard kick this week.

These social media propaganda posters – Just clever.

Amazing cakes – ...and a pretty blog too.

These beautiful 3-D posters {be sure to view the video as well} – Each structure took about 35 hours to complete, and to think, I get frustrated when my printer takes more than a few minutes to print!

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments! And have a great weekend. I happen to be going to a PACKER {a.k.a. SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!} game today and am totally stoked!


a pretty page {per month}

I know, I just mentioned Rifle Paper Co. on my blog last week, but the newness in their shop is just too pretty to pass up. I'm dying for their 2012 botanical calendar. I'd want one, if I had a pretty enough space that were worthy of its pretty prettiness that is.

{via : Rifle Paper Co. found via : Design*Sponge}


more {pretty} chalk talk

Etsy Artistry
While I love the lovely look of Dana Tanamachi's chalk lettering, could I afford to fly her to my home and cover my walls in custom chalk designs? Probably not. So, Mary Kate McDevitt's just as lovely lettered chalkboards will more than suffice. 

McDevitt's Mini Goals Chalkboards are cute as can be. That "After Coffee" one is calling my name. Plus, hey! Fun with chalk that won't involve me ruining an entire wall! Actually, all of McDevitt's typographic goods are majorly McDivine.

P.S. Check out this article about my upcoming art show {upcoming as in tomorrow!} Hope to see you there!


pretty {much} chalk

Speaking of unconventional art... "Chalk lettering" certainly seems extraordinary. And temporary, but that's part chalk's appeal, isn't it? Dana Tanamachi, works for Louise Fili Ltd by day {of course, right?} and as a custom chalk letterer by night. I'm finding her exquisite works of chalk totally inspiring.

If I had a place of my own, you know one of my walls would be chalkboard paint. Yeah, I'd be all over that. Of course, after about half an hour of writing stupid crap on it {i.e. "for a good time call 867-5309", "SS + JG FOREVERS!!" - a few of you may get that one} and drawing pigs all over it {idk, I was good at drawing cartoon pigs when I was a kid; it was kinda my thing}, I'd start complaining that the chalk is ruining my hands and wonder why it doesn't look anything like Dana Tanamachi's work! Chalk it up to me lacking a knack for chalk, especially in comparison Dana's rocking chalking skills.

{via : Dana Tanamachi, found via : Design*Sponge}


pretty {much} moss

This link from Friday's post got me thinking about unconventional art. That said, this idea of moss graffiti has really gown on me. I suppose I have a love/hate relationship with graffiti. On one hand; vandalism.  And when it's not done right it can be much more of an eye-sore than that wall-rock-train left alone. On the other hand; art, making a statement {hello! Banksy!}. And those little punk hoodlums could be off getting into much more trouble than vandalism expressing themselves. So when I discovered moss paint, I thought it seemed like a perfect solution. Sure the moss will eventually grow out and overtake whatever it is you're painting, but it's still natural. And pretty. Here are the {super easy!} instructions so that you all can help make this movement grow.

In your blender, combine:

* One can of cheap beer or 1 1/2 cups buttermilk
* A few handfuls of moss
* One teaspoon of sugar.

Blend until the mixture is smooth, and you’re ready to get painting!

You can use a brush to paint your moss onto concrete walls, rocks, or brick. Mist the moss once a day to help it thrive, and soon your green graffiti will take hold! If you’re looking to take this project to the streets, use caution- we don’t want to be responsible for any vandalism charges! 

{found via : Ponder & Stitch, images via : Pinterest}


I have an artist's reception next week. Consider this your official invitation {click on the pic to make it bigger}. For more information click here.

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

rather cheeky prints using stamps of Queen Elizabeth II

mosaic celebrity portraits made out of trash, candy, etc. that match the celebrity - ingenious!

"Where Children Sleep", photo-journaling children's rooms from various social classes around the world - a real eye-opener

on a related note, LENS - the photography blog of the New York Times

and this happens to me daily

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments!


{pretty} collections

So I was going to give this a shout out in my weekly wrap-up tomorrow, but I decided these inspiration pallets are just too inspiring for a mere mention. Just when I think I couldn't love Rifle Paper Co. any more, I discover Anna Bond's ability to whip up an impressive mood-board {y'all know I love me a good mood-board}. These collections are as thoughtful as they are pretty.

P.S. Riffle Paper Co. is starting up a new venture called "Riffle Studio", in which they are looking for a graphic designer. I KNOW, it's only my dream job! Too bad it's located in Florida. If you're a graphic designer in {or interested in relocating to} Florida, apply! Apply now!

{via : Riffle Paper Co. Blog}


pretty {exposed}

I don't know what's wrong with me this week folks. I just can't seem to fully wake up. I tell ya, I stay up late on the weekend and it just wipes me out for the rest of the week. And, I'm probably not making matters better by making my sleepy self see double. But I feel an appreciation for these dreamy multiple exposure shots that I probably wouldn't be feeling in my normal alive-awake-alert-enthusiastic state. Dreamland is exactly where I want to be right now, and these fanciful photos take me there. 

Although I once heard that a person can be so over-tired that they can actually have the symptoms of being drunk. Sooo... awkward question but, everyone else is seeing double in these photos right? Right? It's not just me. Right?

{images via : Pinterest}


pretty {restful} rooms

currently crazy about...
You know, normally when I decide I'm going to blog about something I'm currently crazy about, I try to make it somewhat more interesting than "Wow, neat. I really like this right now". So in blogging about black walls I may delve into the history of dark rooms and how dark spaces were once a sign of wealth {or something like that that I vaguely remember from my Art History classes}. Or maybe I'd launch into some interior design lesson {some of which I would have just made up, I'm sure} about how black walls bring your eyes right to the windows during the daytime, and about how dark walls add drama and sophistication to a room when paired with a few lightly colored pieces of furniture. 

Whatever. The truth is, I'm tired. It's a little bit chilly and kind of cloudy on this Sunday afternoon, and nothing looks more appealing right now than curling up in a down comforted bed or soaking in a hot bubble bath surrounded by black as night, sleep approved walls. If these walls could talk, they'd say something like "It's ok to not by supper energized right now because we're just chill like that. We're also sophisticated and add a sense of wealth to your home and whatnot, or whatever..."

{images via : Pinterest}

P.S. If you're ever interested in finding the all of the images I take from Pinterest, you can usually find them in my "likes".


{a pretty} note

Life's little loves... & A weekly wrap-up
"Eee, ooh heehehee! Oh, I just love flowers!!"  This picture made my day.

Another thing that made my day... Yesterday I received a note in my mailbox at work from a total stranger.

For those of you who don't know, part of my job is to put together a monthly advertising publication. For the most part, I put together the publication entirely on my own. I call up the advertisers, sell the ad space, design the ads and complete the layout. When I was first given this "promotion", I didn't want it. To be honest, I was terrified of having that much responsibility. That's why this little note meant so much to me. It said that they love receiving the publication in the mail and that, well, I'm doing a good job. I don't know the sender, and they don't know me or my personality. They just know my work. 

It's been over two years since I started this part of my job and, of course, I'm no longer afraid of it. But sometimes, it's just nice the hear that you're doing a good job. On that note...

Pretty neat things I discovered this week:

mixtapes & cupcakes - liking this blog

this seventies inspired resort collection

"I'm Comic Sans, Asshole" - for you designy types. This almost makes me want to start using Comic Sans.

a total time waster, but her videos are highly hilarious

Discover anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments!

{image via : Pinterest}


a pretty {princess} get-a-way

Speaking of comfort... Do you remember that scene in A Little Princess when Sara and Becky wake up in their dark, dusty attic to find it totally transformed? No longer is it dark, but brilliantly blanketed in bright silk scarves, cloaked in lush tapestries of orange and yellow, and enveloped in sunflowers. That has always been my favorite scene and I supposed you could say its lush Indian atmosphere has occasionally influenced my interior style. My bed has always been overflowing with multicolored pillows. 

While I would never decorate my entire house like that, I've always wanted one little space, just like Sara and Becky, to escape from the gloom of the day and hide away layers of luxury. Enter Magnolia Pearl's transformed airstream trailer. Tiny and completely cover, dripping in lace. It is romantic, cozy and entirely over the top. A perfect little get-a-way for princesses like me.


pretty {Zebedee}

Etsy Artistry
Is it just me, or is there something sort of Southwestern about these linocut prints from Zebedee Prints? Perhaps it's the bold blocky color, or the geometric shapes and pattern like designs; detailed but not overdone. Or maybe it's just the sense of comfort I get from these pretty prints.

{via : Zebedee Prints on Etsy}


pretty Southwestern {style}

currently crazy about...
I read once that Southwestern style tends to trend when people are in need of comfort. Think about it; warm bold colors, primary prints and patterns that seem to harken to the simplistic shapes we drew as children. Actually, the geometric textiles take us back to days long before those of our youth and into a more primitive past altogether. So either I'm going with the fashion flow or I'm personally seeking complacency. Whatever the case, I am currently crazy about the comfort that is Southwestern style.

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}
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