summer lovin {these pretty photos}

Well, tomorrow it's officially summer. I know, I sound really excited. The thing is, summer is certainly not my favorite season. I'm way too much of a sweater and scarfs aficionado for summer's heat. Also, my name is Stephanie, and I am a jacket-aholic. It's a real problem. Sadly, said jackets are stored away for the season, and I'm reminded that summer has {literally} just begun.

With my "meh, I guess it's ok" attitude towards summer, now a secret to no one, I must say, there are a few times that I do get why so many people love this season. Admittedly, there is something magical about summer. Back in the day {um, about eight years ago - the last time I didn't have a job for the summer} when Summer Vacation was a part of life, carefree days seemed endless. Summer was a time for new beginnings. A changing of the seasons where it somehow seemed possible that your life could change as well. Sipping an ice tea and reading a good book outside {I'm talking a really good book, unlike the ones you had to read during the school year}. Soaking up the sun while daydreaming of finding a summer love. Long summer days that stretched into long summer nights; it seemed time took a vacation when you did. With days like that, what's not to love about summer?

Perhaps growing up and entering the "real world" has made me forget that magical feeling summer can bring. It's something I was suddenly reminded of when I saw these images by Berlin photographer, Matthias Heiderich. Quintessential summer days brought to life in the form of a photo. Perhaps, I'll embrace summer this year. After all, who's to say the magic's really gone?

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  1. I love the bold colors in these photographs. I agree that summer is not my favorite season, but it has its own magic that you start to appreciate after one too many rainy spring days.


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