pretty blog {revisited}

As spring is trying ever so hard {though is failing miserably, I must say} to melt away winter, I'm finding myself trying to transform as well. Lets be real; I've had quite a nice break from blogging. However, I never intended to give it up completely. With spring on the verge of blooming, I find myself seeking those pretty little daily treasures that make this life worth while. And I've realized that {initially} that's what my blog was meant to be; a reminder to myself that prettiness exists everyday. That being said; no, I won't be blogging everyday. Just when I feel I need to be reminded of why this blog is here in the first place.

My blog was also meant to be filled with things that motivate me {not, in contradiction, as a tool to heighten my already well-defined procrastination skills}. With spring will hopefully come my personal leap into motivation. Exciting things will be happening with Pretty {much} Art, and I thought that, just maybe, some of you would like to stay informed.

Therefore, I hope you welcome my return to bloggerland with open arms, and know that it may be days, weeks, or months before you see me again... although I hope not. I really do like it here.

{image via : pinterest}
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