pretty {macro} magnificent

When I came across Polish photographer Magdalena Wasiczek's work, my first thought {after WOOOW!} was, "I can't wait to blog about this!" You see, I find Magdalena's macro photographs truly magical. I'm talking take-my-breath-away beautiful. Looking at her fairy tale-like photos, I feel as though I'm a shrunken Alice; fallen down the rabbit hole and plopped right into Wonderland. A land scary in it's magnificence but utterly stunning in its splendor. Indeed, some of these shots make me forget that these photos weren't taken in Wonderland. They were taken in a world very real. Our world, in fact. 

I just thought a world that remarkable was worth sharing.

{found via : Pinterest, images via : Big Picture & Living Design}


  1. THANK YOU sooo much for sharing! I think she may have just become my favorite photographer :) Also, I couldn't resist reposting (with a little shout-out to you, of course) http://danimariedesigns.blogspot.com/


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